Developing for the land-based, online, social, and mobile markets, High 5 Games has created hundreds of games that are played on six continents and in more than 150 countries. Founded in 1995 with offices in New York and New Jersey, H5G is responsible for many of the casino industry’s most successful video-reel slot machine games. H5G’s flagship social casino, High 5 Casino, is one of the best-performing games on Facebook, with more than 1.5 million monthly active players and 500,000 daily active users. The company also operates Shake the Sky, the first ever social casino designed for the Asian market. H5G’s remote game server will distribute nearly 100 of its most popular games to online and mobile players for real-money play in regulated jurisdictions.

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  1. I have tried several times to an answer but have not. I love playing High 5 casino but on May 10th I paids $250 to get your special Mother Day Deal to get over 9M credits and I did not recieve any. Over the time my husband and myself have paid thoudsands of dollars. This does not bother us it when I do not get my credits. So I would like either my credit or to reinburance my account. It have gone through my bank.

  2. I love playing the games on High 5, but recently we changed out or router and now I am having problems with getting connected. I get a reply saying that they are having trouble connecting to the server. These are the only games I am having problems with and also your Shake the Sky games are giving me the same connecting problems. I don’t know what to do.


  3. So what do we have to do to win the H5C Notebook? I love playing that games but do not like the High Limit ones. Never win enough credits or get enough free credits to even consider the High Limit ones.

  4. I love H5C. It is my favorite site. I don’t care for the high limit games though. I go through my coins too fast. How do I get the high 5 notebook. I would love one. Thanks

  5. Please help. When you post free coins or free spins I don’t receive them. I go thru the link that you give to receive the free coins or spins. It is sort of discouraging when you can’t get them.

  6. So, this morning you changed the Shake the Sky rules. I have now taken it off my playlist. I have lost from 1.6M to less than $80,000 in High 5 in less than a month. I am one of your most loyal players, playing at least two hours a day, but when I lost the rest of my High 5 points I will not be playing your games anymore. Lucky for me there are other casinos out there.

  7. I love High 5 Casino. Yes, I have lost just about all of my credits but I just stared recently purchasing credits. I am a fan of real Casinos but have not been able to go so High 5 and Shake the Sky have made me able to play.

  8. I love what you did with shake the sky today giving us like 45000 instead of the usuall 600 every 4 hours! I finally can play for a while! Please consider doing this with high 5 so I can play a while there without having to buy coins. Thank-you!

  9. Please post instructions on how to enter for the H5C Notebook drawing. The webpage says to come to the blog, but after reading the whole thing, I still cannot find instructions.

    Thank you. I SO enjoy playing your games!

  10. Making all the games High Limit is spoiling the games. Pretty soon I won’t be playing them at all, because its impossible to win back all the credits that I have already lost playing them. And they don’t make the crappy games High Limit, only the decent games. Becoming extremely frustrated with High 5 Casino and their High Limit games.

  11. I cant play at all today on my IPAD or on my desktop. This is the second time this week. I uninstalled the app, restarted my IPAD, everything. Still kicks me out the minute I try to start a game. On my desktop it wont even connect to the server. What gives?

  12. I have played as a guest and have signed on Facebook. Just recently I signed in as a guest on my iPad and I was told I must sign in with a user name or through Facebook. I was up to 528,000 and proceeded to sign in through Facebook and lost everything. Keep on mind a considerable amount of this was purchased coins! I have written asking for help with one response that they would look into these issues. I provided additional information as requested and have yet heard back. In tge mean time I purchased &19.99 on coin and when I signed on later it to was gone!!! I’m very upset after all I’ve spent to play “5″! Please return my credits! Patti Carrier

  13. ! just spent 100.00 for 2,200,000 coins. My money was taken as fast as I pushed the button, but I received no coins. I tried to send an e-mail but my e-mail system said it wasn’t a valid address. How can I rectify this?

  14. Purchased $5 worth of coins…but never recieved them…got a message about order successful but to email the support team this number .please help…i also made a purchase for $2 on two seperate occasions and didn’t get those coins either….please follow up..i enjoy playing..but this ruined my day..please forward to someone that can help

  15. I play this everyday. However I can’t play for long because I never win anything to continue… My friends have like a million or two dollars and everyday I struggle to get 25,000 or 50,000. I really like your games but if thing don’t change I won’t be visiting your sight any more.

  16. When you added high limit games you should have increased the bonus coins every. Adding coin to the does not help when you win enough to play. I don’t mine buying coins but I want enough free coins to play a game. Shake the sky give enough coins to play why don’t h5c

  17. When will you be back on line today. It has been over 5 hours and I just purchased a $100.00 bundle yesterday and would like to play.

  18. When are you coming back up?We the players,are not able to play.Personally I have lost ALOT of $ plus spins.You have been down now for over 8 HOURS!!!!!What the hell!!!I understand fixing things,but really now!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL GIVE AT LEAST $25000.00 PLUS THE SPINS WE THE PLAYERS HAVE LOST!!!!!

  19. For the last about a week, I have not been able to play the games. I gets to the first page where it says loading andthe little bar goes all the way across. When it should go on to the lobby, it just sits there and won’t go any farther. I asked my daughter if hers was doing that and she said no, she wasn’t having any trouble. Do you have any idea why the game will not go ahead and load. High 5 is by favorite pastime and now I don’t have and I am going crazy. I guess going into withdrawals. LOL.

  20. With you making these games High Limits, I will no longer be able to play High 5 Casino. The games are highly rigged to where you can never get ahead. If I bet $200.00 and get a hit of only $10.00, it’s not worth it. The more you try, the more you lose!

  21. Why does it take so long to get free games especially on the last 2 new games? One game I had to get to level 54 before any free games and enchanted realms I only got the wild card once in 47 levels! Doesn’t seem right!

  22. The last 2 days I was playing Desert Rose and Rev It Up. While playing Desert Rose I hit free games, twice, and the screen froze and I didn’t get my free games. Upset, I quit playing that night thinking it might have been my computer. Today I figured I would try playing Rev It Up and I hit free games. Again the screen froze and i didn’t get those free games. So that’s 3 times in 2 days. I really like playing High 5 Slots, but if it happens again I think I’ll take my slot playing somewhere else. Hope you can help me.

  23. about 3 or 4 o’clock this pm, i got 2 unlock and 1 wild, the green diamond, but it didn’t get any game unlocked. your attention will be greatly appreciated !!!

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