High 5 Games is a New York City-based company that creates premium content for the land-based, online, social, and mobile markets. H5G has produced hundreds of games that are played on six continents and in more than 150 countries, some of which are among the casino industry’s most successful video-reel slots. High 5 Games operates the highest-rated social casino on Facebook (High 5 CasinoTM, with nearly 2 million monthly players) and the largest Asian-themed social casino (Shake the Sky CasinoTM, with over 500 thousand monthly players). The company’s premiere remote game server, VAULT, will integrate with online casinos around the world and will feature over 100 of the company’s top brands.

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  1. I have purchased some coins previously thru facebook. I noticed that a purchase was made on 12/26/14. I did not make that purchase. I thought all purchases were secure.

  2. I would play in the new contest but I will not buy coins to get into game to play it I have 3 spins 3 or 4 time a day and still have not been able to unlock new game every game has been played over 33 games over 100 or better the rest are over 50

  3. bonjour high 5 j ai acheter pour $ 100.00 et je n ai pas jouer une journée et tout perdu dites moi ce qui se passe

  4. I’m uncertain where a comment should actually be left. As much as I enjoy the H5C games, the fact that all of the games have been tightened down to the extent that I can no longer maintain a decent balance to play, even though I play the way I always have. Please share if this is the way it will continue to be so I can look for another more generous payout place to play. It seems success has gone to High 5’s head, and we who have made it a success are being driven away. What a shame. Please reconsider how the games pay out.

  5. There is a lot of commotion going on in the comment boxes for this Glamorous Getaway challenge and I must agree, it is so confusing. Do you suppose you could post something for all of us loyal customers to understand it!

  6. I have been playing the Green Machine off and on today, got to level 101, but still don’t understand the game. How do you get to play with other colors? The only one I can get is the orange one.

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