Shake the Sky’s January Stats


The first data of 2016 is in! In January alone, players won 56 quadrillion dollars in STS coins, or more than 128 trillion coins every day! It seems that the colorful creatures in Lady Peacock are really irresistible to our players, and the game has owned the crown of the most played game in Shake the Sky since its release!

Check out more January stats below:
Total spins for the month of January: 192,234,733
Number of spins per day: 6,407,824
Total money won: $46,738,074,531,580
Cumulative hours spent playing: 360,752
Top 5 most played games: Lady Peacock, Golden Knight, Dangerous Beauty, Happy Two-gether and Jaguar Princess

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Game Preview: Bourbon Street Bash


Let the good times roll and the jackpots flow in Bourbon Street Bash – coming soon to High 5 Casino as the 159th premium game!

On Fat Tuesday, there’s no place you’d rather be than New Orleans’ famed French Quarter! There, you can don your costume and hit the streets with other revelers to enjoy the most festive celebration of the year! It’s a nonstop party you just can’t miss! Join the bash now, Super Stacks and the Bourbon Street Collection Bonus will have you partying in the streets!

Check out the YouTube video below to get yourself ready in a party mode:

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Tumbling Reels Battle

The Tumbling Reels Battle is on at High 5 Blog today! Vote for your favorite game featuring one of the most popular features – Tumbling Reels – among some of High 5 Casino’s classic games: Rembrandt Riches, Michelangelo, and Renoir Riches.

Rembrandt Riches
With a delicate stroke, Rembrandt could transform ordinary into extraordinary. One of the greatest painters in history, he captured the human condition like few ever have before. Inspired by his most famous paintings, this game honors Rembrandt’s life and legacy and the richness he brought to all that laid eyes on his work.

His works are appropriately timeless. His art is rightly celebrated. Michelangelo is renowned for good reason. From the Statue of David to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he has made an indelible mark on the world. H5G pays homage to this inspiring figure with a slot machine game that it hopes honors his magnificence and creativity.

Renoir Riches
Few individuals leave a mark as influential and as lasting as Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The French Impressionist was a pioneer of a new genre and a legend by the end of his life. Inspired by this great artist, High 5 Games introduces Renoir Riches – a slot machine game that tries to incorporate the beauty of the painter’s strokes with the ingenuity behind his works.

The Tumbling Reels feature gives players even more chances to win, because after a winning line is awarded, symbols from above tumble into place, creating brand new possibilities for big scores. Players can also win a bonus round if they land three bonus triggers, sending the game into free spins. Look for Tumbling Reels in many of High 5 Casino games like The Big Chase, Crystal Kingdom, Foxy Dynamite, and Golden Odyssey.

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Game Preview: Temple of The Golden Monkey


With your trusted map guiding the way, you’ve traversed distant lands and sailed many seas in search of the golden idol. Danger lurks around every corner, but you will not be deterred. Rest assured your treasure is near at hand, so steel your nerves as you enter the Temple of the Golden Monkey.

Open your eyes, enter this hidden temple, and collect a load of fortune in this ancient place. Tumbling Reels create payouts worthy of legends in the Temple of the Golden Monkey!

Check out the YouTube video below to get a sneak peak of this mysterious land. Be sure to visit High 5 Casino on Thursday, January 21 to find out all the details about the Jungle Quest.

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Game Spotlight: Ciao, Roma!

Ciao, High 5 -ers! Have you been to Rome? No worries if you haven’t, because now you have the chance to experience the best of Rome in High 5 Casino’s newest release – Ciao, Roma! Pack your suitcase, and … Go on a whirlwind European vacation and see all the amazing sights of Rome! You’ll instantly fall in love with this ancient city and all it has to offer. Take in the beautiful art and architecture as you uncover the riches the city holds.

When in Rome, win like the Romans do! High 5 Casino’s 157th game features Independent Reels and a Retriggerable Bonus Round that create Wins as Grand as the Coliseum!

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Happy Holidays from High 5 Games!

‘Tis the time of the year! Will Santa be arriving at your house tonight? We know he will! Play A Visit from St. Nick today! Find out how he brought the magic of the holidays to your casino by watching the YouTube Video above!

To liven up your holiday more, we also prepared some fun holiday facts about our players!

We know eggnog and chocolate are both amazingly delicious, but if our players had to choose, which of the two is their beverage of choice during the Holiday Season?
Drumroll please ! The answer is Eggnog!

We’ve had a huge debate here at the office about favorite holiday treats and we wanted our players to help us settle the argument. Here are our players’ preferences about a few delectable holiday treats:
Gingerbread: Yum (56%) and Yuck (44%).
Candy Canes: Yum (66%) and Yuck (34%)
Chocolate Chip Cookies: Yum(90%)and Yuck(10%).

The debate ensues, this time with holiday decorations!
White lights: Love it (75%) and Hate it (24%)
Garland: Love it (74%) and Hate it (25%)
Wreaths: Love it (87%) and Hate it (12%)
Snow: Love it (63%) and Hate it (36%)

Do you agree with our players on their holiday drink, treats and decoration top picks? If so, please comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

Game Spotlight: A Visit from St. Nick


With the holiday season in full swing, High 5 Casino is making sure our players get the most fun out of this holiday. We have a very special gift for you from the North Pole as our warm wishes – A Visit from St. Nick!

Deck the halls and trim the tree. Fill your home with mistletoe and holly. H5G’s holiday game has arrived and it’s sure to make you jolly! Take a delightful stroll down candy cane lane and watch as the spirit of the holidays comes alive on the reels in our latest 3 by 5 reels slot game: A Visit from St. Nick. Bonus Select brings the magic of the holidays to life!

However, our special pick is only available to our players during the holiday season and will be removed on Thursday, January 7th at 10am EST, so make sure to play A Visit from St. Nick before St. Nick flies back to the North Pole. Even better, you can now participate in St. Nick’s Holiday Dash to earn some extra holiday perks as you level up.

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Congratulations H5C’s Thanksgiving Contest Winners!


“This year, I am most grateful for…”

With so much to be thankful for this season, how would you complete this sentence? In H5C’s Thanksgiving Contest, we asked our players to finish the sentence above for a chance to win 200,000 free coins. We received many great responses but only 100 made it to the winner list. Check out five winning entries and see what our High 5-ers are thankful for this year. Don’t forget to check out the winner list and see if you are one of the 100 lucky winners!

Jeanette H. – Lindsay, OK
My Life
I am blessed with the love of my life for 33 years, two beautiful daughters, their husbands, and two wonderful grandsons. I am the luckiest woman I know – and the best things in the life are the simplest ones.

Barry W. – Las Vegas, NV
My Wife
Because my wife is teaching me hope, love, compassion, and what it is to go for my dreams. To my soul mate, partner, companion, wife and love of my life. I am also thankful for my health, still being able to walk, the new friends and family that has been added to my life. I am thankful for my sisters and brother and what they taught me while growing up. Most of all I am thankful for all the blessings that I have gotten throughout my life.

Gina E. – Milaca, MN
My House and Kids
I know there are a lot of people out there that do not have their own place to live and I know I am very lucky to have one especially a nice size place for my kids to be able to play and run around it. I am also very thankful for my kids because I know there are quite a few women out that that are not able to have such a precious gift. And some women do not realize how lucky they are to have kids. They can be a pain in the butt at times, lol but they are still a precious gift.

Gary H. – Marblehead, Ohio
Because volunteers help in so many ways. I am grateful for the firemen who voluntarily risk their lives to save others. I am grateful for the EMS personnel who respond at all hours to respond to save lives. I am grateful for all the military men and women who volunteer to go into harms way to protect our great nation. I am grateful for the police who respond to all sorts of emergencies never knowing what dangers they may face. I am grateful for the supporting families of all volunteers.

Debbie B. – Olympia, Washington
Our Growing Family
I was told the news that I will be a new grandma next summer! We waited 10 years for this! So blessed!

And the winners are…

Debbie B. – Olympia, WA
Carol D. – Manchester, CT
Darlene H. – Morrisville, PA
Lucille A. – Saint-Aime-Des-Lacs, Quebec
Michael H. – Toowoomba, Queensland
Edge H. – Tucson, AZ
Cheryl W. – Huntington, WV
Patricia M. – Goldem, CO
Carolyn W. – Peoria, AZ
Ronald H. – Zephyrhill, FL
Virginia H. – Greenwood, AR
Nancy T. – Clarksville, TN
Arlene P. – Oak Creek, WI
Jan K. – Austin, TX
John G. – Ballston Lake, NY
Gary H. – Marblehead, OH
Mark S. – St. Clair, MO
Vickie C. – Jones, AL
Orvetta S. – Clinton, IN
Josephine H. – Oswego, IL
Mary M. – Albuquerque, NM
Bonnie G. – Sparks, NV
Paula W. – Sun City Center, FL
Ken W. – Jenison, MI
Susan K. – Woodhaven, MI
Brenda W. – Cincinnati, OH
Lee W. – Detroit, MI
Stan G. – Lacey, WA
Beverly V. – Blytheville, AR
Karen D. – Liverpool, NY
Anita B. – Fordland , MO
Marcia S. – São Paulo, São Paulo
Colleen M. – Hamilton , MI
Patty H. – Hillsboro, OR
Winnie B. – Freeport, FL
Brenda M. – Lindale, TX
Gina E. – Milaca, MN
Sharon A. – Belfair, WA
Mike O. – Leawood, KS
Kathy G. – high point, NC
Barbara Y. – Council Bluffs, IA
Jean W. – Windsor, Ontario
Barry W. – Las Vegas, NV
Cindy B. – Chicago, IL
Lacey S. – Washington Twp, NJ
Virginia H. – Hastings, MN
Sandra O. – Stockton, CA
Tina S. – Independence, KS
Arleen M. – Catskill, NY
Sandra S. – Prescott, AZ
Laura Lina S. – Temperley, Buenos Aires
Karen B. – Lyons, IL
Tasheena D. – Beckley, WV
Bonny B. – Fruitland Park, FL
Michelle S. – Reading, PA
Angela-Michelle R. – Riverside, CA
Priscilla R. – Amarillo, TX
Carol O. – Cadillac, MI
Dorothy M. – Hauser, ID
Kathy G. – Twin Falls, ID
Ashley L. – Jennings, LA
Bev P. – West Kelowna, BC
Pamela P. – yelm, WA
Mary D. – Westminster, CO
Jack M. – North Queensland , Queensland
Robyn P. – Baltimore, MD
Rosanne T. – Monroeville, PA
Carol J. – Saginaw, MI
Sandra P. – Dallas, TX
Rella J. – Midwest City, OK
Kathy M. – Nauwigewauk, New Brunswick
Ella S. – Peoria, AZ
Rosemary H. – Surrey, British Columbia
Donna B. – Valparaiso, FL
Alma W. – Bedford, OH
Susan B. – Port Alberni, BC
Chris M. – Brantford, Ontario
Angelia I. – York, PA
Travis M. – West Des Moines, IA
Lisa D. – Norman, OK
Judith M. – Moody, AL
James M. – Sudbury, Ontario
Jeanette H. – Lindsay, OK
Sandrine T. – Bar Le Duc, Meuse
Donna W. – Delaware, Ontario
Jeannette G. – Trucksville, PA
Ken J. – Bellevue, OH
Neal G. – Port Orchard, WA
Gail D H. – Pelican Rapids, MN
Martha P. – Colima, Colima
Noel B. – Malvern, AR
Trena S. – Parkersburg, WV
Melis B. – Tucson, AZ
Kerry H. – Waikerie, South Australia
Clydie P. – Saginaw, MI
Piru C. – Misiones, El Dorado
Loraine M. – Tacoma, WA
Ardis B. – Ketchikan, AK
Victoria B. – Tacoma, WA
Yvonne M. – Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for sharing your love with us this Thanksgiving!

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Game Preview: Purr A Few Dollars More

Calling all High 5 Casino cat lovers – we have exciting news for you! In addition to our already FURRIFIC cat themed games, Purrfect and Cat Ganster, High 5 Casino will be adding a new cat game to the collection as our 154th premium slot game: Purr a Few Dollars More!

In the Wild Wild West, things are known to get pretty hairy – or rather, furry. Meet the Cat with No Name, this frontier town’s noble defender. When a gang of outlaws roll into town, he lays down the law and shows them what a real feline gunslinger can do. When it comes to racking up jackpots, he’s your ace in the hole and your best shot at riding off into the sunset with pockets full of cash! Purr A Few Dollars More features Tumbling Triggers that will help you unleash a fistful of jackpots!

Make sure to check the YouTube video below if you’re curious how these cats are different from the Cat Ganster himself and our Purrfect felines:

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Game Spotlight: Dazzling Dragons


Good fortune awaits you in Dazzling Dragons at High 5 Casino today! This 153rd slot game of High 5 Casino features Stacked Symbols and Stacked Scatter Pays that creates dynamic jackpots!

Reach for the stars and ascend toward sky-high riches in Dazzling Dragons! Watch in awe as these colorful, benevolent creatures extend the full length of the reels to dance before your eyes & dazzle your senses. With the help of 5 lucky Chinese dragons, good fortune, wealth and prosperity will all soon be yours!

Don’t let wins sit there. Head to High 5 Casino now and participate in the Dazzling Dragons Sneak Peek Challenge! Get to GAME LEVEL 150 by Thursday, November 19th to keep the game unlocked! Even better, you will receive rewards as you increase your levels! For more details, click the Quest Button page located on the top left of the High 5 Casino lobby page.

Tick – tock, Tick- tock… the time is counting down! Head to High 5 Casino and start the challenge now!

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