H5C’s Gives Back: Stop Hunger Now


It’s that time of the year again! Time to spread some holiday love to people who need it. That’s why High 5 Games decided to partnered with Stop Hunger Now and help those who need a delicious meal this Thanksgiving!

Stop Hunger Now was founded in 1998. Their mission is to end hunger by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people, and by creating a global commitment to mobilize necessary resources. They have provided over 180 million meals in 65 countries and the number continues growing. The aid provided by Stop Hunger Now supports school feeding, vocational training, and early childhood development programs in schools, orphanages and community medical clinics. By working through these programs, the meals not only feed people, but they help break the cycle of poverty by encouraging and bolstering opportunities for education, skill development, and health care.

Because of your love and support during H5C’s Gives Back Fundraiser, held for 24 hours on November 24th, we raised $2,240 to benefit Stop Hunger Now! Thanks to all the warmhearted High 5-ers who participated in our fundraiser, more people are able to enjoy a meal! From deep inside our hearts, we are really proud and honored to have you as our fans. Thank you!

Learn more about Stop Hunger Now and other ways to help by visiting http://www.stophungernow.org/

High 5 Casino is constantly looking for ways to help others, so make sure to comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know what you have done to help others around you.

Game Preview: Purr A Few Dollars More

Calling all High 5 Casino cat lovers – we have exciting news for you! In addition to our already FURRIFIC cat themed games, Purrfect and Cat Ganster, High 5 Casino will be adding a new cat game to the collection as our 154th premium slot game: Purr a Few Dollars More!

In the Wild Wild West, things are known to get pretty hairy – or rather, furry. Meet the Cat with No Name, this frontier town’s noble defender. When a gang of outlaws roll into town, he lays down the law and shows them what a real feline gunslinger can do. When it comes to racking up jackpots, he’s your ace in the hole and your best shot at riding off into the sunset with pockets full of cash! Purr A Few Dollars More features Tumbling Triggers that will help you unleash a fistful of jackpots!

Make sure to check the YouTube video below if you’re curious how these cats are different from the Cat Ganster himself and our Purrfect felines:

What do you think of the cats in Purr A Few Dollars More? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow and join the fun with these cats from the Wild Wild West in our Quest with Cattitude!


Player Spotlight: Harley F.


Get to know another High 5 Casino loyal player in today’s High 5 Blog. Meet Harley F. from Austin, Texas and see if you and him share the same lucky game at High 5 Casino!

1. How did you hear about High 5 Casino?
After teaching high school for 35 years, my ex-students wanted me to join Facebook so we could keep up with each other. My sister was an avid slots fan and we visited the casinos nearby. I found Facebook offers some real casino slots and that High 5 Casino had one of my all-time favorites in the local casino: Thundering Buffalo.

2. What’s your go-to game on High 5 Casino?
When I really want to win I visit Crystal Kingdom.

3. What is your favorite High 5 Casino game of all time? Why?
Lucky Horse has to be my favorite with its wilds which run across the page. Sometimes it pays really well, others not so much. Just have to know when to go play another game. Horse racing and the Twenties era are appealing.

4. Name your top 3 favorite High 5 Casino game features.
Stacked Wilds and the multiple icon features are hard to beat. The substituting icons are great. Hate it when they concentrate to the right and don’t win. Love it when they hit the millions.

5. If you could hang out with any character from a High 5 Casino game, which character would you choose? Why?
Leonardo da Vinci would be an extraordinary gent to visit with and take to dinner. What a tremendous amount of talent he demonstrated.

6. If you could be a High 5 Casino character, who would you choose to be? Why?
Living in Paris would be nice, so the gent from City of Light game would be my pick. He resembles Tom Hanks who is very talented.

7. Which High 5 Casino game brings you the most luck?
Winning a 56 million single spin on Empress of Time with a smaller bet would have to be my best example of luck.

8. In your opinion, which High 5 Casino game has the best bonus feature? Why?
Valkyrie Queen because it lets you keep winning and winning more and more bonus spins.

9. Which High 5 Casino game has the best music/sound features? Why?
Jazz for sure…reminds me of New Orleans’ Latin Quarter. The music and the bonus sounds are excellent.

10. Fight Night: If had to choose two High 5 Casino characters to fight each other, which characters would you pick and who do you think would actually win the fight?
Fight night featuring the red zombie in Zombie Zone and the pumpkin headed Haunted Horseman would be great entertainment. Haunted Horseman would win as he is a trained soldier.

11. If you could spend a week’s vacation in one of our games, which game would you choose? Why?
Aegean Sea in Aegean Sunset has to be a top choice as the Greek Islands are so fantastic and relaxing, not to mention rich in historic background.

12. If High 5 Casino hosted their very own Prom, which characters would you choose to be crowned Prom King and Queen?
At the High 5 Casino Prom, the Prom King would be Prince Lightning and Prom Queen the Lady in purple from Brazilia. They both already have crowns and their colors match.

Thank you Harley, for your great answers! Make sure to comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know what type of questions you would like to see in future Player Spotlights!

Shake the Sky’s October Stats


In October, there was a total of 221,955,576 spins going on at Shake the Sky Casino, which breaks down to roughly 7,159,857 spins per day, 298,327 per hour and 4972 per minute! Wow, now that’s a lot of spins! So… which game do you think received the biggest portion of spins? The hint is in last month’s top 5 most popular games! TA-DA! It’s the colorful, beautiful and glamorous LADY PEACOCK – approximately 50,000 players were spinning the reels in the game! Are you one of those players?

Check out some other cool Shake the Sky Casino stats from October:
Total spins for the month of October: 221,955,576
Number of spins per day: 7,159,857
Total money won: $ 59,382,905,541,330
Top 5 most played games for October:
Lady Peacock, Golden Knight, Dangerous Beauty, Golden Peony, Talon and Dove
Cumulative hours spent playing: 431,845

How many times do you think you spun a day in October? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

High 5 Casino’s October Stats


October is definitely the spookiest month of the year! While some High 5 Casino players were adventurers, some needed a superhero to protect them from some of our SPOOKTACULAR characters! That was why one of our recent releases – Captain Payback – continues holding the tile of the most popular slot at High 5 Casino! Numbers don’t lie: Approximately 440,000 players were spinning the reels at Captain Payback; A total of 450,000 adventurous players were playing Halloween slots like Haunted Horseman and Ravishing Beauties!

Check out some other High 5 Casino stats from October:
Total spins for the month of October: 2,931,182,418
Number of spins per day: 94,554,271
Total money won: $ 10,362,446,273,664
Top 5 most played games for October: Captain Payback, Haunted Horseman, Ravishing Beauties, Pearl Bay, and Port Royale
Cumulative hours spent playing: 5,388,191

Which High 5 Casino game did you spin the most in October? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

Game Spotlight: Dazzling Dragons


Good fortune awaits you in Dazzling Dragons at High 5 Casino today! This 153rd slot game of High 5 Casino features Stacked Symbols and Stacked Scatter Pays that creates dynamic jackpots!

Reach for the stars and ascend toward sky-high riches in Dazzling Dragons! Watch in awe as these colorful, benevolent creatures extend the full length of the reels to dance before your eyes & dazzle your senses. With the help of 5 lucky Chinese dragons, good fortune, wealth and prosperity will all soon be yours!

Don’t let wins sit there. Head to High 5 Casino now and participate in the Dazzling Dragons Sneak Peek Challenge! Get to GAME LEVEL 150 by Thursday, November 19th to keep the game unlocked! Even better, you will receive rewards as you increase your levels! For more details, click the Quest Button page located on the top left of the High 5 Casino lobby page.

Tick – tock, Tick- tock… the time is counting down! Head to High 5 Casino and start the challenge now!

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Employee Spotlight


High 5 Games got talents! In today’s blog, we feature one of our music talents, who has created great music for many of our slot games. Get to know Matthew T. and see which slot game has the music that he is most proud of!

1. How long have you been a part of High 5 Games?
I’ve worked for High 5 games for a total of five years; one year as an independent contractor and four as a full time employee.

2. Name the game you are most proud of working on for High 5 Casino and tell us why it’s your favorite and what inspired you.
I’m most proud of the entire sound package for the game Empress of the Nile. The scope of the main and bonus game music is epic. In the pick bonus, I composed an intimate Middle Eastern song with a traditional rhythm; that called on my world music background. I even had a friend build me an instrument called a Marching Machine to imitate the sound of troops marching. It was a creative challenge throughout and I think, ultimately, the entire sound package works to create a game playing experience that’s fun on a number of levels.

3. How long does it take our Sound Department to create and complete the sound package for a game? Can you tell us what goes into it?
We, in the sound department, have roughly a month to complete a sound package from the time we’re delivered the art. Sometimes we have more time for development and other times less. If we have more lead time to work before the art is delivered to us, we’re given a game title and description and a single composer gets started on the music that will accompany game play, but doesn’t need to be synced to specific animations. Similarly, we can work on the sound of the reel spins that are also not reliant on animation synchrony. When we receive the animations for the symbols and transitions, we work on the sound design and music for those. Once the entire package is completed by the composer, it goes to a second stage of mixing and mastering. That last process puts the polish on the game in terms of making sure that the 75 plus individual musical elements created by the composer all sounding great in relation to each other and in the context of game-play.

 4. What instruments do you play and when did you start learning?
I’m a percussionist, and have been since I was 8 years old, so in a sense, anything you strike to create music, I play! I can play enough piano and guitar and bass for the purposes of composing, but I’ll stick to percussion when it comes to performing for an audience.

 5. Who/What inspired you to become a musician?
My parents, who were musicians themselves, inspired me to start playing instruments. My dad was a drummer and my mom is a pianist. However, I was inspired to be a professional musician when I realized that it wasn’t a matter of becoming a musician — I already was; as many other pursuits as I tried, I still kept coming back to performing music. With that realization, though, it was just a matter of committing to the work necessary to be the best musician I could be.

6. If you weren’t a musician, what other profession would you have chosen?
If not a musician, a writer and professor of literature. I did that for a number of years and found I really enjoyed opening up that world of literature and writing to students who were eager to learn.

7. If you could perform with a famous musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
That’s also a hard question. You’re killing me! Off the top of my head, I’d have to say Frank Zappa. His music is complex and demanding and yet irreverent. It would be a challenge to play with him, that’s for sure, but I know I’d learn a lot.

8. If you could be a High 5 Casino game character who would you like to be? Why?
I’d be the drummer from the game “Jazz”…because it’s actually me, literally! Ha! I was asked to play for the video shoot. Okay, that’s cheating. Let me pick for real. It’d be fun to be the Mowgli character in Tales of the Jungle. Living in the jungle wearing nothing but a loin cloth, hanging with animal friends and swinging from vines in the trees? That sounds idyllic to me.

Which High 5 Games slot music do you like the best? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

Congratulations Spooky Story Contest Winners!


“I looked out the window and realized I wasn’t alone. I knew I had to escape the hordes of zombies headed my way. I decided to____”

Imagine yourself in this situation, what would you see; what would you do; and where would you go? We asked our fans to tell us and finish our spooky zombie story for a chance to win 200,000 free coins! We received thousands of scary story entries but only 100 made it our alive. Check out nine of the winning stories from H5C’ Spooky Story Contest winners – we really wish we can share them all with you:

Jane A. – Queens, NY
“… I decided to blend in with the crowd, so I grabbed a white bed sheet, wrapped it around me and with my black eyebrow pencil and red lipstick made some markings. I had to think quickly before they got me and I had to blend in so that they thought I was one of them. As they approached I played dead by lying still in a corner. They came and stood in front of me, I held my breath and they thought I was dead, touched me and finally they all gave the thumbs up sign. They passed on and it was over. Phew!!!”

John B. – Green Bay, WI
“… I decided to climb out of the upstairs window onto the roof of the garage. Once on the roof I was able to jump into my neighbor’s yard. Dang it! I twisted my ankle, now what was I going to do. I saw the neighbor’s dog house and moved as quietly and quickly as I could toward it. Constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure that I wasn’t being seen, I finally made it to the dog house and climbed in. I could hear them moving closer. They were almost on top of me; I was afraid to move or even breathe.

Ruth S. – Dagsboro, DE
“… I decided to jump in my car and head to High 5 Casino where I had friends to help overcome the Zombies. When I reached High 5 all the Zombie fighter friends were waiting for me. They all came back to my home and together we fought the Zombies and made my home safe for a while. I was now able to relax and play at High 5 Casino once again.”

Bobbie M. – Penticton, British Columbia – Canada
“… I decided to convince them I am one of them, that was the only way. I smeared the blood from the hamburger on my face, shredded my clothes, rubbed dirt from my potted plant all over my face and clothes. I looked awful in the mirror but will it convince THEM? I practiced the stumble walk that appears they all do. Would it work, would it work? I blanked my expression and stumbled in their midst…”

Donna W. – Waterford, MI
“… I decided to start my GLORIOUS GETAWAY. I NEED A HERO to ESCAPE, RESET and RECHARGE out of this ZOMBIE ZONE. Logging onto H5C, I called out for TALL, RICH & HANDSOME heroes: ROCKET MAN, CYRANO, PRINCE OF LIGHTNING, FIGARO and ROYAL LION for LOVE and VALOR. The BIG CHASE began, we had to REV IT UP to get this NIGHT OF MYSTERY to end. A very loud BAH HUMBUG and THE VANISHING ACT began. The hordes of zombies were leaving!!! How totally PURRFECT. Once again I am a PRINCESS OF PARADISE, LOVE U my H5C Heroes.”

Mary M. – Las Vegas, NV
“… I decided to cash out my machine and leave the casino, I realized everyone around me were zombies! I was surrounded, I managed to slip through and make it out the front door. I couldn’t believe I made it. I was so terrified I stopped for a minute to catch my breath, when I looked up the last thing I saw was a wall of zombies with the casino wall at my back. I had nowhere to go. I WAS DOOMED!”

James K. – Moline, IL
“… I decided to do what all zombie hunters do. I remained calm and killed zombies. I killed them all and went back to play H5C. As I was playing I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. When I turned around I was bitten by a zombie that I had not seen. I passed out and when I awoke I realized I was just dreaming. I realized I had fallen asleep playing Zombie Zone at H5C. It all seemed so real, but I felt relieved and I went into the kitchen for a soda. When I turned on the light I saw muddy footprints. My God! Was it real? AAGGHHHH”

Ken A. – Edomontor, Alberta – Canada
“… I decided to take a minute to think about my predicament. I realized that zombies always look hungry. Maybe they are, and maybe they only eat people because we’re so easy to catch. I ran to the pantry to see what else I could use. I found a huge bag of those giant marshmallows, and wondered if the zombies would like them. I ran to the back door with the bag, ripped it open and started pitching those marshmallows like this was the 7th game in the World Series. I was right! The zombies loved them! I was free!”

Kim L. – Hamlet IN
“… I decided to run till my legs could not run any longer, figuring it was the end for me. Then out of nowhere I see a figure flying above in the distance. Bad enough I am about to be devoured by the zombies, but also be attacked from this unknown creature. Cowering as I was about to die, I felt strong warm arms around my waist. As afraid as I was to look, my eyes looked into my hero and the love of my life…ROCKET MAN”

 And the Spooky Story Contest Winners are….

Claudia P. – Reno, NV
Sherri E. – Westville, IN
Kim L. – Hamlet, IN
Donna B. – Byhalia, MS
Lynn L. – Queensbury, NY
Jane A. – Queens, NY
Mona D. – Marshall, MN
John B. – Green Bay, WI
Steven M. – Ottawa, Ontario – Canada
Dacee S. – Pilgrim, KY
Olivier V. – Lyon, France
James M. – Sudbury, Ontario – Canada
Barb M. – Calgary, Alberta – Canada
Ruth S. – Dagsboro, DE
Nancy A. – Navajo Dam, NM
Angelo S. – Sparks, NV
Monica N. – Saginaw, MI
Nancy B. – Gary, IN
Harold B. – Cushing, OK
Sandra B. – Irons, MI
Jean C. – San Pablo, CA
Laqaixit T. – Warm Springs, OR
Silver R. – Springville, CA
Irene L. – McCook, NE
Maby B. – Corrientes , Argentina
Richard Poppy M. – St. Charles, MO
Charo C. – Lima, Peru
Kenny H. – Riverside , CA
Karen R. – Puyallup, WA
Kim M. – Zanesville, OH
Deborah L. – Saginaw, MI
Laurie J. – Mount Pleasant, MI
Trudy G. – Brenham, TX
Michael B. – Quakers Hill, NSW – Australia
Audrey E. – Milwaukee, WI
Robin Y. – Singapore,
Elke B. – Mount Morgan, Queensland – Australia
Evelyn M. – Lawton, OK
JoAnn Y. – Swoyersville , PA
Donna K. – Springfield, MA
Donna M. – Stillwater, Ok
Edward C. – Chilliwack, British Columbia – Canada
John Julie T. – Longview, WA
Bobbie M. – Penticton, British Columbia – Canada
John L. – Baltic, CT
Cynthia L. – Redding   , CA
Donna W. – Waterford, MI
Lynn M. – Bradley, IL
Teresa H. – Florence, AZ
Mary Ann M. – Las Vegas, NV
Kay K. – Bella Vista, AR
James K. – Moline, IL
Gina S. – Attleboro, MA
Jeanne J. – Spokane Valley, WA
Linda V. – Union, WA
Lois T. – Owego, NY
Lynn K. – Mahanoy City, PA
Bobby M. – Pickton , TX
Debbie T. – Louisville, KY
Carl G. – Lawton, OK
Rosemary Z. – Sagamore Hills, OH
Pattie B. – Oxford, MS
Pat H. – San Francisco, CA
Lee M. – Reedley, CA
Jillian M. – Junee, NSW – Australia
Cliff M. – Parkersburg, WV
Joanne K. – Cleves, OH
Lyle G. – Mt. Iron, MN
Sandy H. – Clarinda, IA
John H. – Fort Saint John , British Columbia – Canada
Lynn B. – Logan, NM
Paula W. – Sun City Center, FL
Alesha M. – Glenolden, PA
Rosemary T. – Fort Worth, TX
Clyde H. – Milwaukee, WI
Douglas M. – Alamogordo, NM
Mary Rose W. – Okmulgee, OK
Terry B. – Richland Hills, TX
Shin L. – San Diego, CA
John K. – Stanthorpe, Queensland – Australia
Ken W A. – Edmonton, Alberta – Canada
Susan R. – Everett, WA
Rich G. – Orange City, FL
Jaime M. – Woodstock, Ontario – Canada
Charles L. – Lagrande, OR
Pam B. – Greenbrier, AR
Diane F. – Morenci, MI
Al C. – West Helena, AR
Freebird B. – Waterloo, IA
Jimmy K. – Gig Harbor, WA
Glenda L. – Centralia, IL
Joy C. – Catasauqua, PA
Sally S. – Strongsville, OH
Ed W. – Endicott, NY
Jase L. – Las Vegas, NV
Steve K. – Pitt Meadows, British Columbia – Canada
Lisa Z. – Marlow, OK
John L. – Montesano, WA
Crystal S. – Lacey, WA
Day R. – San Francisco, Cordoba – Argentina

Congratulations to all the winners! We really enjoy reading all your stories and we hope you like them as much as we do!

What do you think of this contest? What kind contest would you like to see at High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

Super Stacks Battle


The game-feature battle is on at High 5 Blog. In today’s edition, we have an intense battle between slots with Super Stacks – a popular feature that can be found in many of our games!

So why is Super Stacks so popular? Our players are fond of the Super Stacks feature not only because of the stunning graphics it brings to our slot games, but it also increases the frequency to land on reels filled with stacks. When you see a full stack of the same symbol land in your slot reel you can sit back and enjoy beautiful animations awarding you huge wins!

The Mighty Atlas – a powerful man who holds up the heavens. Although sometimes he struggles, he never fail. His strength and perseverance has been captured in this top hit Super Stacks game.

Jaguar Princess – She emerges from the darkness to defend her ground in a mysterious and exotic world. Super Stacks creates an environment that is filled with deadly creatures and astounding rewards!

Haunted Hearts – Feel perpetual love in Haunted Heart. How strong are the ties that bind two people together? Super Stacks will allow you to see the invisible power that brings lovers together. We all know, true love never dies.

Which of these Super Stack games is your favorite? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of the blog and let us know! Check out other High 5 Casino Super Stacks games like Dangerous Beauty, Miss Universe Crowning Moment, Purrfect, and She-wolf! Play your favorite one today!

Player Spotlight: Donald M.


Player Spotlight is here for you to get to know another of our loyal players at High 5 Casino! Today at High 5 Blog, get to know Donald M. and see if you and him share the same answers to the questions below!

1. How did you hear about High 5 Casino?
One day when I was just looking for something fun to play!

2. What’s your go-to game on High 5 Casino?
Well, I haven’t tried all of them just yet, so it would be all that I can play for now! LOL.

3. What is your favorite High 5 Casino game of all time?
Ringside Riches is my favorite one as of now.

4. Name your top 3 favorite High 5 Casino game features.
Super Stacks (Ringside Riches), The Capture Feature (Cherry Mischief) and Locking Wilds (Pearl Bay).

5. If you could hang out with any character from a High 5 Casino game, which character would you choose? Why?
The redhead in Pearl Bay! Just because she’s pretty, LOL…..

6. If you could be a High 5 Casino character, who would you choose to be?
Robin Hood; The guy that is shooting an arrow from the Legend of Robin and Marian!

7. In your opinion, which High 5 Casino game has the best bonus feature?
It’s hard to pick since they all have good ones, but if you need one, off the top of my head, I would say Cherry Mischief.

8. Which High 5 Casino game has the best music/sound features?
I don’t know about the music, but the best sound features would be in Rev it up.

9. If you could pick any High 5 Casino character that happens to be an animal as your pet, which character would you choose?
Purrfect! Because I love cats, and dragons but I don’t think there is one yet.

10. If you could spend a week’s vacation in one of our games, which game would you choose? Why?
Circus Treasure. To bring me a little more fun!

Thank you Donald, for your great answers! If you’d like to be featured in one of our upcoming blog Player Spotlights, make sure to comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know! Make sure to include your email address so we can contact you with some interview questions.