Player Spotlight: Iris V.


Get to know one of High 5 Casino players in today’s blog! Meet Iris V., a name you’ve probably seen on our Big Wins feed or our fan page. Make sure to check out the interview below and see if you and her share the same favorite game!

1. How did you hear about High 5 Casino?
I was browsing around and saw it in the App Store when I first got my device.

2. What’s your go-to game on High 5 Casino?
My go-to game would have to be Guitar Kings!

3. If you could hang out with any character from a High 5 Casino game, which character would you choose? Why?
I would hang out with the guy from Shipwrecked Lovers because a deserted island and beach would be so relaxing!

4. If you could be a High 5 Casino character, who would you choose to be?
The red headed girl on Rev it Up because she’s classy, sassy and a bit smart!!!

5. Which High 5 Casino game brings you the most luck?
Guitar Kings brings me the most luck. I’m at Game Level 344 and I’ve had a lot of good times with that game!

6. In your opinion, which High 5 Casino game has the best bonus feature? Why?
I like the bonus on Wellspring. The Bonus Select and the Wild Multipliers features can really build your pot!

7. Which High 5 Casino game has the best music/sound features? Why?
I like the music/ sound on the game Captain Payback. It totally is in sync with the wilds and the speed of the game!

8. Name a game feature that you wish High 5 Casino had.
Maybe an instant replay on a big win might be a nice feature!

9. If you could pick any High 5 Casino character that happens to be an animal as your pet, which character would you choose? Why?
I would pick the Siamese cat from the game Fortune Cat because I love Siamese cats. I had one for 21 years. He was my baby!

10. If you could spend a week’s vacation in one of our games, which game would you choose? Why?
I’d spend a week with Gypsy. The gypsy life intrigues me and I think it would be fun.

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Super Stacks Battle


The game-feature battle is on at High 5 Blog. In today’s edition, we have an intense battle between slots with Super Stacks – a popular feature that can be found in many of our games!

So why is Super Stacks so popular? Our players are fond of the Super Stacks feature not only because of the stunning graphics it brings to our slot games, but it also increases the frequency to land on reels filled with stacks. When you see a full stack of the same symbol land in your slot reel you can sit back and enjoy beautiful animations awarding you huge wins!

The Mighty Atlas – a powerful man who holds up the heavens. Although sometimes he struggles, he never fail. His strength and perseverance has been captured in this top hit Super Stacks game.

Jaguar Princess – She emerges from the darkness to defend her ground in a mysterious and exotic world. Super Stacks creates an environment that is filled with deadly creatures and astounding rewards!

Haunted Hearts – Feel perpetual love in Haunted Heart. How strong are the ties that bind two people together? Super Stacks will allow you to see the invisible power that brings lovers together. We all know, true love never dies.

Which of these Super Stack games is your favorite? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of the blog and let us know! Check out other High 5 Casino Super Stacks games like Dangerous Beauty, Miss Universe Crowning Moment, Purrfect, and She-wolf! Play your favorite one today!

Slot Fundamentals: Super Select

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Super Select, an innovative relatively new feature.

Different from Bonus Select, one of our top-hit features, you can enjoy the Super Select feature without activating a free games round first. To activate the Super Select feature, you must trigger at least three full columns of matching Super Stack symbols on adjacent reels. Suddenly a Pick Bonus game is revealed behind the Super Stacked Columns. Your next step is to make a selection in the Pick Bonus game, and depending on which you choose, you may be awarded either a free games bonus or additional credits. With the Super Select feature, your chance to score additional wins with stunning animated graphics increases immensely.

We hope you found that helpful, and that you land some major jackpots with the Super Select feature! Make sure to check out Super Select in High 5 Casino’s popular games, Bombshell Beauties and Rum City.

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H5C’s 3rd Anniversary


High 5 Casino just turned THREE YEARS OLD today! We are so pleased to have you joining us for this special celebration. High 5 Casino has reached this amazing milestone because of YOU! Thank you all! We hope your past three years at High 5 Casino have been filled with smiles and fun. Cheers to many more!

To celebrate this spectacular day, High 5 Casino premiers Curious Kingdom – a game full of beautiful oddities. Here is how the story begins:

One day, as you walk in the forest, you trip and fall down a rabbit hole. Suddenly, you find yourself in an indescribable wonderland. Everything around you is utterly peculiar, but completely enchanting. Explore the curiosities of this new world, but remain vigilant. Danger lurks all around you, but if you persevere incredible riches can be yours in this Curious Kingdom. This new 4 x 6 reel slot features Super Stacks and The Queen’s Pick Bonus that help you gain magical fortunes.

Check out the video trailer below or on Youtube:

That is not all, so make sure to visit High 5 Casino and stay tuned for more 3rd Anniversary fun on our fan page today. Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know what you like the most about High 5 Casino!


Game Spotlight: I Need a Hero


In the face of danger, don’t count on a caped crusader to save you. Firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and military personnel – these are the real heroes. Whether running into a burning building or serving our country, protecting the innocent or aiding the wounded, these brave individuals save lives every day. Show your appreciation and celebrate all everyday heroes in I Need A Hero! Bonus Select lets you choose your champion and your rewards in this 4×5 reels slot game.

I Need a Hero premieres as the 142nd slot game at High 5 Casino today. Even better, you can now enjoy DOUBLE XP and level up faster on the game until June 16th 7 AM PST!

Check out the Youtube video above and tell us which hero you like the best? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know. Make sure to visit High 5 Casino and unlock the game to win big with your favorite hero.

Shake the Sky Fantastic May Stats

The data is in for Shake the Sky! In May, players spent 593,594 hours spinning STS slots. So… let’s put it this way – if it takes a person 11 years to walk around the earth, the cumulative hours players spent playing at Shake the Sky would allow this person to travel six times around the world.

Check out more cool stats below for Shake the Sky in May:

Total spins for the month of May: 295,922,141
Number of spins per day: 9,545,876
Total money won: $73,390,980,938,150
Top 5 most played games for May: Golden Knight, Bai She, Golden Peony, Miss Universe: Crowning Moment and Dragons Of Avalon
Cumulative hours spent playing: 593,594

How many hours did you spent at Shake the Sky last month? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know. Visit Shake the Sky and win big today!

Game Spotlight: What I Like About You

Join us in this retro trip to the 80’s in What I Like About You, the 141st premium game inspired by The Romantics’ hit song at High 5 Casino today.

Take a trip to the era of mix tapes, boomboxes, acid wash jeans, and big hair in What I Like About You! Hang out with all your old friends – the cool girl, rocker chick, goofy guy and teen heartthrob – all while scoring far out jackpots! You’ll have a blast rocking out to the hit 80’s song by The Romantics while enjoying the nostalgia of the decade in this awesome game!

What I Like About You is also available as a Prize Party Tournament and Colossal Cash Tournament in the High 5 Casino Tournament section! Be sure to visit High 5 Casino today and score totally radical wins with Super Stacks as you recall some old school fun!

Check out the Youtube video above and tell us what you like about this game? Comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of the blog post and let us know.

Game Spotlight: Circus Treasure


The circus is back in town, and it’s better than ever! After a day of hasty preparation, the charismatic ringmaster welcomes you into the large, colorful tent where the evening’s festivities will take place. You scan the room and see your old favorites, like the beautiful fire breather, the imposing strong man, the wild human cannonball, and the daring tightrope walker, but you’re most excited for the new entertainment that’s in store…

Visit High 5 Casino today to enjoy this exciting show in Circus Treasure, our 137th premium slot game. Let Super Symbols and Split Symbols bring you some unprecedented JACKPOT wins.

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Slot Fundamentals: Hi-Lo Stacks Bonus

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Hi-Lo Stacks Bonuses, an innovative new feature.

Lots of slot games have bonus rounds, but if you want unique, exciting free games then you have to spin High 5 Games slots. We’ve put plenty of twists on the bonus round already – like Collection Bonuses, Enduring Bonuses, and Bonus Select – and now we’ve come up with another fun feature: Hi-Lo Stacks Bonuses!

When you trigger the free games in a Hi-Lo Stacks Bonus game, before you start spinning you blindly pick one major symbol and one minor symbol to be Super Stacked for the duration of the bonus round. These Super Stacked symbols increase the potential for huge blowout wins with stunning animated graphics. Check out Hi-Lo Stacks Bonuses in High 5 Casino games like Guitar Kings, Rev It Up, and Parfum Adore.

We hope you found that helpful, and that you land some major jackpots with Hi-Lo Stacks Bonuses! What’s your favorite bonus feature? What would you us to explain in the future?

Play High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky Casino.

Game Spotlight: Guitar Kings

They are masters of their instruments, charismatic musicians who draw thousands into stadiums to hear them play. They travel around the world on the strength of their tunes, bringing people to their feet wherever they go. Women want them and men want to be them. Their musical styles may be different, but they all undoubtedly rock. Who are they? They’re the Guitar Kings!

Guitar Kings arrives as the 127th game available to be unlocked at High 5 Casino. Having played alto saxophone in high school jazz band, I feel a certain affinity to the virtuosos who comprise the Guitar Kings; if there are any differences between playing big band tunes to a few hundred bored parents and electrifying an entire arena with original rock and roll jams, I’ve yet to find them. Super Stacks and a Hi-Lo Stacks Bonus help you cash in while you’re rocking out.

Which real-life musicians would be your Guitar Kings? If I had to narrow it down, mine would probably be Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Mark Tremonti from Creed, Buckethead during his Guns N’ Roses days, and Ryan Peake, also from Nickelback.

Head to High 5 Casino now to participate in the Guitar Kings Challenge! If you unlock Guitar Kings and reach game level 100 by February 11th at 11:59 pm EST, you’ll receive Romeo & Juliet, our next game, unlocked by 5:00 pm EST on February 12th.

What do you think of Guitar Kings? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

What are you waiting for? Unlock Guitar Kings and get to spinning at High 5 Casino.