Game Preview: Who’s My Candy Prince?

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

What’s better than having a ton of candy and not having to share it with anyone? Having even more candy and someone to split it with, of course!

In Who’s My Candy Prince?, this week’s Shake the Sky release, you can search for your significant other while surrounded by sweet treats. If you love the entertaining theme and bright colors of Tall, Rich, & Handsome, then Who’s My Candy Prince? is the game for you! The fun, surprises, dancing – and of course candy – never ends in this wild game of confectionery delights.

The desserts aren’t the only rich things in this game – Super Stacks and the Ice Cream Collection Bonus lead to big wins! Get ready for some sweet fun in the bonus round; collect all the ice cream flavors and you’ll be taken to a Pick Bonus where you can select ice cream toppings that will award you credits or a multiplier!

As always, Who’s My Candy Prince? will release unlocked to all players at Shake the Sky Casino! In the spirit of this upcoming new release, let us know your favorite candy or dessert in the comments section below!

Introducing Shake the Sky for iOS

We’re happy to pass along the news that Shake the Sky Casino for iOS premiered at the App Store late last week! Twenty-three of your favorite authentic Asian-themed slots, including Night Jasmine, Golden Horse, Tall, Rich & Handsome, and Dragon Showdown, are now available for on-the-go gaming. If you haven’t already, go download Shake the Sky Mobile! We know this is a moment you’ve been waiting for, so we’ll wait…

Back? Congratulations – you now have the two best slot apps around on your iOS device (we’re assuming you’ve already downloaded High 5 Casino for iOS). As long as you have your iPhone or iPad on you, you never have to be bored again. Killing time at the dentist? Bus stuck in traffic? Waiting to pick up your grandkids? Bored with your significant other’s rambling monologue? Taken hostage by aliens with WiFi? Whatever the situation, Shake the Sky for iOS will hook you up with some much-needed entertainment.

Slot players love STS for iOS because:

• It’s FREE to play, every day
• Exciting new games are constantly being added
• The art design, features, and gameplay are identical to slots in real casinos
• There are plenty of special promotions and opportunities to win coins, spins, and more
• They can log-in using their Facebook account, a PlayReal account, or as a guest
• It’s always available – anytime, anywhere

Let fortune reign wherever you go with Shake the Sky for iOS!

Slot Fundamentals: Mystery Bucks

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Mystery Bucks, a popular feature that can be found in some of our newer games.

When Tumbling Reels debuted, High 5 Games knew it had an innovative and soon-to-be popular feature on its hands. But the company was not content to simply churn out games with the same feature, and resolved to improve upon Tumbling Reels, a goal it achieved when Mystery Bucks premiered. How exactly do Mystery Bucks work?

Mystery Bucks are activated by paying an additional side bet when playing all lines. When Mystery Bucks are active, each symbol that explodes as part of the Tumbling Reels feature has a chance to reveal an additional credit value, the sum of which is put directly into players’ pockets! This makes for extremely exciting gameplay, because players have two features working in tandem that can lead to multiple hits per spin. Look for Mystery Bucks in High 5 Casino game Foxy Dynamite, and Shake the Sky Casino game Tall, Rich and Handsome.

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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Incredible February Statistics from High 5 Casino

The game library at High 5 Casino just keeps growing and growing, and so does the app’s player base! Each month our analytics team provides us with wild statistics that prove just how popular High 5 Casino is. Check out some staggering stats from February:

- Total spins for the month: 5,208,766,270
- Number of spins per day: 186,027,367
- Total money won: $3,520,047,164,842
- Top 5 most played games: Golden Knight, Liger Loot, Tall, Rich and Handsome, Secrets of the Forest, and Valkyrie Queen
- Cumulative hours spent playing: 9,297,449

That’s over 3.5 trillion total H5C cash won at High 5 Casino in February! What was your biggest jackpot last month?

The numbers don’t lie. Play High 5 Casino.

Crazy February Statistics from Shake the Sky Casino

Shake the Sky Casino has just been getting more and more popular since it launched late last year. Word has spread that this is the only casino on Facebook where you’ll find a growing library of premier Asian-themed slots. According to our analytics team, more player are spinning than ever! Check out some wild stats from February:

- Total spins for the month: 382,016,730
- Number of spins per day: 12,755,286
- Total STS cash won: $103,937,994,919
- Top 5 most played games: Golden Horse, Golden Knight, Night Jasmine, Red Cliffs, and Tall, Rich & Handsome
- Cumulative hours spent playing: 687,043

That’s over 100 billion total STS cash won at Shake the Sky in February! What was your biggest jackpot last month?

The numbers don’t lie. Play Shake the Sky.

Slot Fundamentals: Tumbling Reels

Slot Fundamentals is a column we’ll be running occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Tumbling Reels, a feature that can be found in many of our most popular games.

To a slot player, there’s nothing better than landing a long string of matching symbols on one of your favorite games. At least, there used to be nothing better, until High 5 Games unveiled its innovative gameplay feature Tumbling Reels. In a Tumbling Reels game, players can get jackpot after jackpot, all for the price of one spin. But how exactly does this feature work?

It’s pretty simple, actually. In a Tumbling Reels game, symbols on winning paylines disappear after being recorded, which causes symbols from higher up on the reels to fall down into their place. This creates brand new possibilities for big wins without risking any additional credits, and goes on until no winning payline is created by the new combination of symbols. Look for Tumbling Reels in High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky games like Double Da Vinci Diamonds, Crystal Kingdom, Foxy Dynamite, The Lovely Outlaws, Secrets of the Forest, Tall, Rich and Handsome, and Valkyrie Queen!

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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Game Spotlight: Tall, Rich and Handsome

Today’s game spotlight comes from Nikita, High 5 Blog’s Shake the Sky correspondent.

Like many other single women out there, I have a list. You know the one I’m talking about. A list of the qualities I want my ideal man to possess. Smart, funny, doesn’t live at home with his mother – you know, simple things like that. And let’s be real, I also want him to be tall (so I can wear 5 inch heels), handsome (like David Beckham handsome), and rich (like Donald Trump rich).

Well, clearly I haven’t found my list guy yet, but at least I’ve found an alternative to becoming a contestant on The Bachelor. Shake the Sky’s Tall, Rich and Handsome is just what I need. I get to live vicariously through the dating life of a game show contestant as she chooses between four handsome suitors. For me, playing this game is the perfect form of online dating – no sorting through hundreds of profiles, no awkward first dates, no effort at all!

Like me, hordes of Shake the Sky players have discovered the joy of Tall, Rich and Handsome. As one of the first games to debut on STS, it quickly became one of the app’s most popular games. Tall, Rich and Handsome’s fun theme, paired with its innovative features, make it a true winner.

High 5 Games’ Red Gold studio expertly brought the game show theme to life with the inclusion of live-action video. When a player hits a winning payline, the video reels show a clip of the contestant with one of her potential suitors. The experience makes it feel like you’re watching a real dating show, but you’re the one that’s winning.

Fans of H5C’s Foxy Dynamite will recognize Tall, Rich and Handsome’s Mystery Bucks feature. When Mystery Bucks is active, each major symbol that explodes as part of the Tumbling Reels feature has a chance to reveal an additional credit value. This adds to the excitement of the dating game, as players anxiously wonder ‘Will he or won’t he call?’. If a suitor does call, players are rewarded with extra payouts.

Basically, Tall, Rich and Handsome is just downright fun! If you haven’t already, head to Shake the Sky today and take advantage of our limited-time offer to get nearly all your games unlocked! You’ll be able to play Tall, Rich and Handsome, as well as all of Shake the Sky’s other releases, with the exception of the latest release. Tall, Rich and Handsome is also available now at High 5 Casino. Don’t miss out, play now!