We here at High 5 Games hope that all of our players had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday; I spent Monday in a haze brought on by an excess of beer and burgers that has only recently lifted. All of the grilling and schmoozing and fireworks over the weekend got me thinking which High 5 Casino characters would be fun to have at a barbecue. Here’s what I came up with:

Golden Knight

The Golden Knight definitely knows his way around a grill. He could probably even go out and track down some more food if need be. Plus, you know with that sword of his he’ll totally be in charge of carving and serving food. Anyone who tries to pick from his plate should expect a nasty punishment, though…


We all know that good music is a big part of any successful shindig. What could be better than the musicians from Jazz providing the tunes for your backyard barbecue?

This is sort of selfish reasoning, but if you invite The Empress Josephine you know you’re getting some absurd present from her. She’ll bring you a goblet made of rubies or something while everyone else is drinking out of plastic cups. You could pawn that goblet and then throw a barbecue every weekend for the rest of your life!

Bad parties seem like they never end, while good parties always end way too soon. If you invite the Empress of Time to your barbecue, you know you can either run it back if you’re having a good time or fast forward to the end if you’re bored and your creepy uncle won’t stop talking to you.

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Game Spotlight: The Empress Josephine

Calling all history buffs: There’s a new game at High 5 Casino that you’re going to love! The Empress Josephine has a theme unlike any slot game you’ve played before. France at the turn of the nineteenth century was a tumultuous yet beautiful country. No one represents this dichotomy more than Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and thus the first Empress of France. Though her marriage to Napoleon did not last, her place in society and her impact on the culture never subsided. H5G illustrator Mark provided some background on the making of The Empress Josephine:

“When our team first starts a project, we try to immerse ourselves in the style and history of our subject. For The Empress Josephine, we studied up on the second phase of Neoclassicism and the Empire style, and we immersed ourselves in the opulence of Josephine’s apartment at the Grand Trianon. It was important for us to convey the beauty and wealth of Josephine’s surroundings to players.”

H5G animator Christian adds:

“I had just returned from vacationing in France a week before I started animating this game. I shared some of my photos with Mark and Francis [production artist], in particular photos of the Palace of Versailles. They were useful for creating additional artwork.”

Even slot players who aren’t so hot on history should give The Empress Josephine a try. You don’t have to know a thing about France to appreciate this game’s beautiful graphics and lovely music. Just playing it will make you feel fancy and rich. Plus, Super Stacks with Multipliers ensure that magnificent wins are always just around the corner! Sort of like revolution in France during that time period, only instead of getting guillotined you’ll rack up some H5C cash.

What do you think of The Empress Josephine? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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