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Hey there — welcome to High 5 Blog, your new spot for all things High 5 Games. First off, congratulations on being one of our very first readers! You can truly say you were a pioneer, here from the very beginning. Next, some background, in case you stumbled upon this blog through an odd but curious decision to google ‘High 5’s: Developing for the land-based, online, social, and mobile markets, High 5 Games has created hundreds of games that are played on six continents and in more than 150 countries. H5G’s social app High 5 Casino is one of the most successful games on Facebook, and the company recently premiered Shake the Sky, Facebook’s first premier Asian-themed casino.

So what will you find on High 5 Blog over the next few months? We’ll regularly be posting cool stuff that you can’t find anywhere else! Check back here daily for posts on a variety of different H5G-related topics — from exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at our games to announcements about upcoming changes at High 5 Casino and so much more!

63 thoughts on “Welcome to High 5 Blog!

  1. Are we read talking ti have access to he on tablet yet, read invitation to trial it but have had any notification as to when I can start spinning

  2. This is the best game/casino, your games are great and like other players my favorite changes daily. Thank you

  3. Agreed absolutely with Hilda, Thinking that everyone should also post a reply to the lack of access to play on android. I am sure that the over 1 million players on this site all have ipad or apple products. It has been a very long time that this promise from High 5 to adapt its site for Android use has been made, but it seems that some promises tend to get lost in the fog of collecting profits….

  4. I totally agree Hilda. I’m getting very irritated with High 5 now as high stakes games are pathetic. Very little money back when you have a win after spending thousands to get the win — when you get the bonus free spins back in the lobby we seemed to be getting less wins in there as well. The other day I had built up 24 free spins and when I played them out I had one win of just over a thousand dollars. I don’t expect a fortune but that is ridiculous as has been said before it is GREED. It takes forever to build up enough credits to start playing the games again. The other thing is WHY ARE WE ANDROID PLAYERS STILL WAITING FOR THE H5 APP FOR OUR PHONES.???? IT’S ABOUT TIME WE GOT IT. Out of all the games I play it is the only on that does not have an App for Android. We have been told it will be SOON but how long is soon?? Been ages since we were told that. Please get your act together and get it happening. Thank you.

  5. I agree … Been playing High % for quite some time now enjoy it thought that the higher stakes games were a good option till I seen the payouts weren”t near as good.

  6. High5 was my favorite On Line Casino. When Golden Knight went High Stakes I was VERY disappointed. It appears that Greed is the only incentive. You did the players no favor as we had the option of playing as high as we wanted with the old format. It was my go to game and I could bet what my budget allowed. It would be great if you give this some more thought and revert to the old format. I’m not sure that you did yourself any favor because I believe many players are turned off by the 1600.00 min. bet.

  7. Thanks!!! I love this games I have a samsung tablet and can not down load it on there but realy want to bad it says it is not supported by google help help !

  8. Bring High 5 to my phone already. My friend has had it on her iphone for awhile. Get with the program

  9. The site used to be my favorite but every time i try to access it I am beeing blocked I also get the following message :- (Error code: ssl_error_access_denied_alert) what can I do to return to playing ???


  11. Thanks for the suggestion Amy! We’ll be implementing some changes to the MAX BET button soon, so stay tuned and we think you’ll like what you see! 🙂

  12. i love h5c!!! my only suggestion/complaint would be …..the max button should be placed somewhere else. it is toooooo close to the spin button! i have accidentally hit the max button a few times and lets just say, I WAS NOT HAPPY!! i love playing but get frustrated when i buy/win coins and loose them in one spin.

  13. I have been playing for quite awhile, my one complaint is that you don’t go into the bonuses very often. I love the games but it takes a lot to get to a bonus and they don’t happen very often.

  14. I would like to know that as well. As we can not receive or give gifts to our friends who play H5C (as you can on other games) . We are not always near our computer to get our bonuses so having the app for our Android would be a welcome feature. HURRY UP AND GET IT PLEASE on behalf of all who have Android phones. Love H5C.. Thank you.

  15. I agree with maria, I am Player level 182. Need more free games and something extra for Player levels over 150. Really wish High 5 could add Money Comb slot game, with the bees. Love this real casino slot game.

  16. I have been playing hi5c, almost as long as you have been on face book…you are the best site I have ever found online..the best, most fun ever…also played on Shake the Sky Casino…love this site as well…you have the best support and techs, they have always been very fair, and fast to take care of my needs..I get upset with people that give you a hard time…guess there will always be people in this in this world that you can never satisfy…keep up the good work, and congratulations for your new ventures, and the best of luck to you..I have seen a lot of H5C games at the 3 casinos, that are in my area…
    thank you…Jeanne

  17. I have been plying H5G games almost since it started up, and really enjoy playing the slots because they are very real and you can actually see them in brick and mortar casino’s. Thank You H5G.
    I started playing the new casino “Shake the Sky” since its launch and those slots are very different, fun to play, and hopefully I can build up my levels to get bigger logon rewards to play on.
    As I do deposit at H5G when you have the 2 for 1 coin/chip Sale, I was a little disappointed that it was not offered at Shake the Sky casino during the promo at H5G.
    Hopefully, and keeping my fingers crossed, that it will be offered very soon.
    A hint: because you have a lot of retired players, it’s best to offer those promo’s during the 1st week of the month.
    GREAT job H5G and Shake the Sky.
    Keep up the outstanding work.

  18. Hey Janice,

    Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll certainly keep White Orchid in mind as we continue to add games to High 5 Casino.

  19. Hey Becca,

    Congratulations on those amazing levels! Keep on spinning, we do already have players over level 300 and a few players all the way up in the 700’s and 800’s! Best of luck to you!

  20. Oh And I am on Level 285. Two pages are over 201 and I have two that are going to be over 300. What happens when a game hits level 301??? And how many people have games over 301?? Anybody?? 🙂
    Thanks Becca

  21. I’m A fan…..I have been playing H5C since Aug. I play everyday for hours!!! I have play these games all over the world. . Years and years ago!! The staff are fair and kind. Oh and now also enjoying Shake the Sky alot.Games are Beautiful…. H5C And StS are the only FB Games I play. Great Job and Good Luck All!! Have fun!!
    Thanks for the Blog!!

  22. My highest level game is Madame Monarch, Level 246 and player level 187. Suggestion for future game is Money Comb, real casino game with the bees. Have not seen it on any facebook slots. Also please think about a big reward for those players Level 150 and over. Really like High 5 casino, also need to have more friends promoting each other with High 5 casino. Have spent my own money just to keep playing.

  23. I Have been Playing High 5 Casino for a while now. I must say… I get into it so much that when I win something big, I feel like im at a REAL casino. I get so excited. I often buy coins just to keep playing. Hey its cheaper than going to the casino lol. Just saying your games are same as the real ones. And “Im ADDICTED to it ” Thanks I love this Blog too 🙂

  24. Been playing H5G on Face book for months , Enjoyed this selection of gaming so much was easily pushed over to H5G Real Online gaming, actually have 5 accounts and steadily building my levels and game collection… Some days are better than others for great winning and 2-3 hours of continuous play through all my accounts. Not much interests in other games offered through Facebook since my crave is pretty well satisfied with H5G. Keep up the good work and lets see more new games ! : )

  25. Actually, I just wanted to correct myself, I am a level 163 player not a level 153 one, ..which everyone knows is a lot of coins and a lot of time….I think there should be some of kind of a reward besides the 3 spins, which do not always pay, or even pay big. Just a thought if you want to use it on a suggestion page… 🙂

  26. I really enjoy playing all of your games. I live 2 hrs from Foxwoods, where I have played your games. But I sometimes feel like all my money is going very fast and not much in the winning dept. I had to make a New Years resolution to not buy anymore coins…I was spending too much and losing them just as quickly. I wish we could get more, especially when you are a high level play…I am at 157 I believe….But thank you for all the fun, I make sure all my friends play too.

  27. I enjoy playing all the games on High 5 casino but would like to be able to get more new games, and be able to get them as soon as they are open. I think that you should gave more free games to players how have more games over a 100.

  28. Can we upload an image to this blog. I recently hit the ALL WILDS Jackpot in Las Vegas on the Dangerous Beauty slot and would like to upload the image from my phone.

  29. Very nice slots. It is a lot of fun and enjoyment for a retired person rather than the surfing the web or playing the other games that are not realistic. Great job High 5

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