You Like Us, You Really Like Us: Mind-blowing High 5 Casino Stats

Nate Silver’s got nothing on our friends in High 5 Games’ analytics department. Every month they supply stats that never fail to stagger us. Check out some High 5 Casino stats from a recent month:

Total spins for the month: 4,900,825,722
Number of spins per day: 163,360,857
Total H5C money won: $2,668,573922,213 (That’s 2.67 trillion!)
Top 5 most played games: Miss Universe® Crowning Moment, White Falls, Moon Warriors, Legends of Troy, and Secrets of the Forest
Cumulative hours spent playing: 9,193,100

How many spins do you think you contributed to that mind-boggling total? That’s 1,891 spins per second!

Join the masses and play High 5 Casino:

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