Game Spotlight: Gypsy


Since its March 2013 debut at High 5 Casino, Gypsy has been a runaway success. More than nine months after its premiere, the slot is amongst the very top of all games at H5C in average number of spins per session. We decided to chat with Mario, one of High 5 Games’ art directors, to try to get a sense of just why Gypsy has been so popular. His short answer: It’s an awesome game. His long answer:

“Gypsy had been kicking around High 5 Games for a while, but when I started working on it I decided it needed a total overhaul – the Gypsy wasn’t sultry or mysterious enough. I ended up redesigning the entire game in about a week, and to my surprise Tony [H5G’s CEO] loved it right off the bat. After some more fine-tuning – Louai, one of our animators, made a really cool animation where you fly through the village and into the Gypsy’s home, and the sound team composed an awesome, atmospheric score – the game was ready to go. This is one of those games that came very easily; it basically just fell out of my pencil. Plus, the math model and game features are cool and exciting. It’s really just a dynamite slot, from the gameplay to the art to the music.”

Mario says that Gypsy was inspired partly by Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but that her backstory was intentionally kept vague so players could fill it in using their imaginations. You don’t need a crystal ball (eh, eh, get it?) to see that Gypsy’s combination of stellar art design and innovative gameplay is what has been keeping it at the top of the pile for so long.

What’s your favorite High 5 Casino game? What themes would you like to see us tackle in the future?

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11 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Gypsy

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  7. Personally, this game is one of my favorites because of the speed of play. It is much faster than other games and that keeps it exciting. Yes, the music and art is also very good. The game play is fairly simple, a good thing!

    Boost up the speed of another game and see if it becomes as popular. Food for thought 🙂

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