H5G Inks Historic Expanded Agreement with Bally Technologies


Mere months after the first H5G-Bally games hit the market, Bally Technologies and High 5 Games have struck a deal to significantly increase their land-based partnership over the coming years. The new agreement will call for High 5 Games to produce more games than ever for Bally, in addition to the games already promised from their 2012 contract.

So why the expanded agreement? Basically, H5G and Bally decided to work together more after the two companies came together to release some of 2013’s most popular, beautiful, and innovative slot machines. Titles like Shadow Diamond, Golden Tower, Ocean’s Glory, and Stella Drive and the Orb of Chance premiered first on High 5 Casino and later in land-based casinos to much fanfare. It’s sort of like how if you baked some delicious chocolate and peanut butter cookies, and your friends gobbled them up quickly, next time you’d decide to make an even bigger batch of the same recipe, instead of switching to chocolate and anchovies or peanut butter and glass shards or something less desirable.

High 5 Games has retained the exclusive online, social, and mobile rights to the games called for in the new agreement, which means you’ll be able to find the cool new H5G-Bally games on High 5 Casino and elsewhere online!

What type of games would you like to see H5G and Bally make together?

8 thoughts on “H5G Inks Historic Expanded Agreement with Bally Technologies

  1. ty for your response and directing me to your list of games… I saw ducks in a row listed there. I can’t wait for that one, as it is a bit different than the other games and I love playing that one @ the casino. Love my High5!!!

  2. I also ♥ my High5 games and play for hours each day!!! Yes I do have a life ~~ playing High5…nice to be retired and have the time lol Is it possible to have the game Lobstermania or something like it?? I love the bonus on that game where you pick the buoys etc. Ok gotta get going now…back to my High5 games

  3. Well, since a lot of the games are male based (cleavage, sultry looks, scantily dressed), I’d like to see a few that lean more toward the female liking. No, not the Chippendales, but maybe from an outhouse to a villa; a skateboard to a limo; etc; with tumbling reels or mystery bucks feature. Trying to catch the stacked reels is boring IMO, and my keyboard does not like them at all. Thanks for the opportunity and a standard place to post this kind of input!

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