Broadway Meets Vegas – H5G’s Dramatic New Game Partnership

High 5 Games has teamed up with two new partners for one exciting game! Do you know who? We recently posted about this newly minted partnership on the High 5 Casino fan page. Is anything coming to mind? How about we give you some clues to help jog your memory…

The theme of the game is a Broadway musical, but not just any Broadway musical; it’s the longest running American musical in Broadway history. Care to take a guess?

No, it’s not Cats. While High 5 Games did create a game titled Cats, that game features big ferocious felines, and they definitely don’t dance.

How about another clue… This musical won six Tony Awards® in 1997 including Best Musical Revival, two Olivier Awards, and one Grammy® award.

Nope, it’s not Cabaret. Nice try, but that show won Best Musical Revival in 1998.

You’re getting closer though! This musical has featured some big name talent, including Brooke Shields, Usher, and Sofia Vergara. What do you think?

So close, but no, it’s not Grease the Musical. While Brooke Shields did star in Grease on Broadway, that’s not the musical we’re partnering with.

How about one final clue? Ok. This smash Broadway show features musical numbers including All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango, Funny Honey and Roxie.

It is CHICAGO! You got it! Great guess.

High 5 Games, the Creative Licensing Group, and The Chicago Limited Partnership have joined forces to create a CHICAGO themed slot game for social, mobile, online, and land-based casinos. The slot game will feature real footage and song excerpts from the hit musical so players will be able to dance and sing along, wherever they play. Production for the game is set to begin early 2014 so keep an eye out for the game debut later this year.

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