Game Spotlight: A Night of Mystery

Some of our games are popular because they have particularly awesome art design. Others pick up lots of fans because their game features are especially innovative. When it comes to A Night of Mystery, though, it’s probably a little bit of both.

A Night of Mystery has proven to be a hit both in land-based casinos, where it premiered in January 2012, and at High 5 Casino, where it debuted last week. Players don’t even have to start spinning in order to realize how cool this slot is. A Night of Mystery transports gamers to a stately mansion, where a murder investigation is unfolding. One dedicated sleuth must try to figure out which of four beautiful suspects is to blame; if he can solve the case and recover what has been stolen, he’ll receive a sizable reward. Fans of Clue, Agatha Christie, or Sherlock Holmes are sure to be drawn in by A Night of Mystery – I personally think it was either the redhead in the library with the toothpick or the blonde in the bathroom with the butter knife.

On top of an awesome theme, A Night of Mystery also has some really cool gameplay. Stacked Symbols and Stacked Wilds both lead to big wins, but the most unique feature has to be the Clue Collection Bonus, which creates unforgettable bonus rounds. In the Clue Collection Bonus players can collect clues in order to turn the femme fatale suspects wild. Collecting both clues for a suspect will turn that symbol wild on reels 2 through 5 for the remainder of the bonus, and will also award 3 additional free games.

What do you think of A Night of Mystery? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play A Night of Mystery at High 5 Casino.

12 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: A Night of Mystery

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  3. I love h5 there’s nothing like it no games anywhere. Ya there are some good games out there but none of them compare. Good competition helps keep u on your toes though, like 3D and Hollywood spins but I do like to go to double down while I’m waiting on my h5 bonuses. Thanx a lot guys. I want 2 B like ya’ll.

  4. WOW! I just looked at some of the other games that haven’t been released yet and they all look interesting! Can’t wait to see the others arrive!

  5. Here in Oz there is a slot machine called Phantom with a great bonus game.
    Would be great to see that appear

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