Game Preview: Liger Loot

Q: What do you get when you cross a male lion and a female tiger? A: The largest of all cats and the true king of the jungle – the liger. I initially thought the liger was made up by High 5 Games for its slot Liger Loot – a land-based favorite that premieres at High 5 Casino later this week – but a cursory Google search revealed that ligers do in fact exist. A little more tooling around the interwebs revealed that the following hybrid animals unfortunately do not (yet) exist in real life: sheagles (shark + eagle), chawks (cheetah + hawk), whaleroachs (orca whale + cockroach), chinos (cat + rhino), or even durtles (dog + turtle). Seriously, who wouldn’t want a durtle for a pet? If you ask me, today’s scientists are spending too much time on smartphones and global warming and not enough time trying to get random animals to successfully mate.

What were we talking about again? Oh right, Liger Loot. The Loot Line and the Liger’s Lair Bonus lead to huge wins as you join the liger and his friends on their search for fun and riches. Anyone who likes Hoot Loot should definitely give Liger Loot a try when it debuts later this week at High 5 Casino. It’s as good a way as any to pass the time until science catches up to my our fantasies…

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7 thoughts on “Game Preview: Liger Loot

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  2. For the last few weeks when I try to load games on High5G the original site the games will not load. I can collect,buy and send gifts but none of the games will load. Facebook just stops responding on this game site if trying to load games.

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  6. Hi, i am hill maniquiz and a constant player of high5casino and STS as you may have know i was having a problem with STS on bonus collecting for the past 2 days it seems that im not getting any could you please look into this, thanks. My users name is Hill Maniquiz level 380.

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