ICE, ICE, Baby!

ICE Totally Gaming 2014, one of the largest and most influential events in the gaming industry, begins today in London, and High 5 Games is on hand to show its peers all of the cool stuff it has in store for the upcoming year. Twenty High 5-ers made the trip across the pond, and early reports gathered from social media feeds suggest that London is beautiful but cold this time of year, the guards at Buckingham Palace dress funny, and bangers and mash looks even grosser than it sounds. Patrick Benson, H5G’s vice president of integrated marketing, was kind enough to offer some specifics into what High 5 Games has in store for ICE:

(Remarks delivered while speaking in a faux-British accent and drinking a piping hot cup of tea) “We’re mainly focused on showcasing Vault, our new remote game server, and giving potential partners – casino operators in Europe, platform providers, whomever – a chance to tangibly test 96 different H5G games in our showroom. When it comes to casino gaming, we really believe the best experience is a consistent one, so we want to highlight the fact that we’re a ‘platform agnostic’ company – our games are the same across the land-based, social, mobile, and real-money gaming platforms, which leads to a better, more honest experience for players and lets potential partners know that success in one market will likely translate to others. We think the quality of our slots is really going to stand out.”

The 96 games available to play at H5G’s showroom at ICE include every game on High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky Casino. That means you, loyal reader, have been enjoying brand new, premier slots for months that industry execs are just now getting their hands on! Pretty cool, huh?

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