Game Spotlight: Love U

Ah, college. The glory days. Four years of studying and self-improvement. Or partying and bad decisions. I can’t remember which route I took, which is probably a bad sign. That’s alright, though, because with Love U, the newest game at High 5 Casino, everyone has a chance to head back to school, and collect some huge wins in the process!

At Love U, you’ll get schooled in the science of attraction, and be transformed from a dud to stud! Study up on biology and anatomy to become an expert on the opposite sex. Once you’ve aced Chemistry 101, you’ll be able to nab the hottest guy or gal in school! Mike Rothenberg, the art director of H5G’s Baby Ninja studio, was kind enough to provide a little background on Love U:

“Love U initially started as a request from Tony [H5G’s CEO] for a slot in the same vein as ‘Love Potion No. 9.’ It was originally designed as a single level slot without a bonus, but after reviewing the game Tony felt that it needed something more, so my team brainstormed and came up with a bonus round with test tube reels. Reversing the way the reels spin to make the bubbles roll up was an original idea that made the bonus round that much cooler. It’s a really interesting game, and John [digital illustrator] and Mike [animator] had a lot to do with that.”

Love U is the first slot at High 5 Casino to feature Triple Symbols, an innovative new gameplay feature. Triple Symbols lead to huge wins, because any one spot can contain three symbols, so players can now get up to 15 matching symbols on any given line! The bonus round also has a Multiplier Collection Feature that makes going to school way more interesting than you remembered!

What do you think of Love U? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Love U at High 5 Casino.

8 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Love U

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  3. Hi Judy, sorry to hear your bonus froze. When you refreshed High 5 Casino you should’ve seen a pop up message awarding you your proper bonus winnings. Please try playing the games on LOW or MED resolution to avoid this issue in the future. Thanks for playing! 🙂

  4. I was so happy to win love U but your bonus does not work that is really no fun to get the bonus 4 times and not get your bonus! High 5 blog or support are you aware of this? thanks! Hope you fix this pronto and give me back my points for
    4 free games so I can continue you to love U!

  5. i played love u for awhile and had thee flower at least a dozen times and four twice all i ever got was points. how can i get this great bonus u talk about

  6. I have left two other messages about your new “Love U” game. I hit three scatter symbols two times and did not get my bonus spins. The paytable says that 3 scatters in any position gives 7 free spins. I would really like a reply and be compensated for these!!!!

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