Announcing the H5C, Be My Valentine Judges’ Choice Winners and Honorable Mentions!

The results are in for the H5C, Be My Valentine promotion! Thank you to all our entrants – it would be our pleasure to have you all as our valentines this year.

We would like to extend a huge congratulations to our first, second and third place winners for their exceptional entries. Patricia Duarte, Yovana Narvaez Villar, and Tina Strausser, you have truly outdone yourselves, and we’re extending virtual high fives to all of you for winning our top Valentine’s Day prizes!

Now it’s time to announce our Judges’ Choice Winners – who are each receiving a $1,000 Player Level bonus – but that’s not all! Due to the incredible number of entries we received, we’re also adding five Honorable Mentions, who will each be awarded a $500 Player Level bonus!

Judge’s Choice Winners

1. Jean de Clerq ‘Be My Valentine Hi 5’
2. Lala Box ‘I LOVE HIGH 5 CASINO’
3. Michael R. Ranson ‘High Five and No Jive***’
4. Mario Manila ‘Don’t Tell Wife’
5. Adrino de Castro ‘Be a help in my small business’

Honorable Mentions

1. Brad Goh ‘I love high 5 slots’
2. Lisa Lamb ‘HIGH 5 CASINO – THE BEST!’
3. Robin Patterson ‘Why I Love High 5 Casino’
4. Sixtus Christ ‘YOU ARE MY VALENTINE’
5. Nancy Migliaccio Taylor ‘Remembering My Mom On This Day Of Love…’

You can check out all the H5C, Be My Valentine entries on the promotion page. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day weekend with us at High 5 Casino or Shake The Sky, don’t forget to check out the ❤ Sale, offering 2-for-1 coin packages through Monday.

From all of us at High 5 Games, we wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness. And Al Green.

3 thoughts on “Announcing the H5C, Be My Valentine Judges’ Choice Winners and Honorable Mentions!

  1. i can not load up every since 4:00 am i have lost collecting my coins it will not load up high5casino

  2. Hi Donald, thanks for the feedback. We’re planning on releasing some more games with our female demographic in mind, so tell your wife the sexy men are on the way! 😉

  3. My wife feels left out. She & I enjoy the slots but are beginning to think the casino designers may be sexist as the majority of the games depict sexy women. What’s wrong with a few sexy men??

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