Game Spotlight: The Legend of Robin and Marian

Gather round and be regaled with a tale of love, brotherhood, and bountiful riches! Armed with a bow and arrow, and backed up by his Merry Men, a noble bandit robs from the rich and gives to the poor. A life of valor, yet he only yearns to reunite with his true love.

Interested yet? Then go play The Legend of Robin and Marian, which debuted this past Tuesday at High 5 Casino! In terms of theme, this game really appeals to everyone. You’ve got the underdog vigilante role played ably by Robin, so fans of action and adventure are satisfied. Then you’ve got the whole separated lovers angle between Robin and Marian, so romance aficionados have a good time. Finally, you’ve got a guy like Friar Tuck – who appeals to all the lovers of life’s simple pleasures (like myself) – just eating a turkey leg and chugging some mead.

Aside from a great theme brought to life by amazing art design, The Legend of Robin and Marian also has gameplay features that lead to huge jackpots. Super Stacks help Robin redistribute the wealth more equitably (meaning, to you) during regular spins, while the Collection Bonus helps you strike it rich during bonus rounds!

What do you think of The Legend of Robin and Marian? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play The Legend of Robin and Marian at High 5 Casino.

6 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: The Legend of Robin and Marian

  1. As always H5G came out with another outstanding slot.
    I have played this one and I love tt.!!!
    This will surely be one of my top 5 to play.
    Awesome graphics, theme, and you do get some very good payouts when you hit in the bonus round.
    Keep up the great work H5G and bring on more slots like these.

  2. I would love to see more games that have scatter bucks in it. As they are so much fun and you have the chance of getting big scatter bucks if you are lucky. Perhaps the Sultan of Mars could be considered as you do have that in your games menu on your site. Also more games like Passion Y Fuego would also be great as there are so many superstack games already on the casino. Lastly I love Tumbling reeled games as well the 99connected lines tumbling games are quite fun Oh and I would love to see Goddess of Desire on your casino that has beautiful graphics from what I can see. Just my humble opinion, thank you for reading this. 🙂


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