Slot Fundamentals: Ways to Win

Slot Fundamentals is a column we’ll be running occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with ‘ways,’ which are an alternative to paylines that determine wins in some of our games.

High 5 Games is known for creating slots with innovative gameplay, and one of the ways we built that reputation was by providing players with more than one type of basic game experience. For example, in addition to paylines (which we explained in the inaugural edition of Slot Fundamentals), H5G also makes games that determine wins through something called ways. But how exactly do they work? Jeremy, an H5G software engineer, was kind enough to provide an explanation of ways:

“Ways is another form of evaluation for slot machines besides paylines. In a ways game, you don’t need to worry about lining up symbols along any specific line – their vertical positions don’t matter. Just as long as there is some path of matching symbols across the reels, you get paid. Pretty easy, huh? As an added bonus, you get paid separately for every different ‘way’ you can draw that path. For example, see the below screenshot from High 5 Casino fan favorite Gypsy, a ways game. Notice how I managed to get a three-of-a-kind win on the title character’s symbol. There are four different ways to draw a path, left-to-right, across the winning reels – try it if you don’t believe me. As a result, my pay was multiplied by four! Look for ways on many of High 5 Games’ classics, including Thundering Buffalo, Lady of Hope, and Dream Beauty.”


We hope you found that helpful! We’ll be explaining Super Symbols in the next edition of this column. Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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29 thoughts on “Slot Fundamentals: Ways to Win

  1. Hey Kathleen, we’re sorry this happened to you. Please email and let us know what happened. Make sure to include your username and player level, our customer support team will assist you from there. Thank you for your patience!

  2. on your shake the sky it will never finish connecting so i cannot get into the game.will you please help me out thank you

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  9. You reply with a lot of words which you sugar-coat and mean nothing to simple me.
    Is that the name of the game?

  10. Love the graphics of most of your games buttttttt they do not let me get excited about good wins which is why I play. I can not pay your utility bill, so sorry.

  11. Hola amigos , me encantan los juegos que tienen y desde que participo en estos juego me entretengo muchisimo. Me gustan sobre todos esos juegos el de HOOT LOOP y el del tigre que también es de muequitos. Gracias por darme ese regalo de distracción y Dios los Bendiga a todos.

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  14. I seem to have a problem.. I was playing and decided 2 cash out.. I began using my free spins ..on one of the free spins I received the 3 presents. It stated 2 click on them and get 3 of them 2 receive the prize ..But when I click on the box nothing happens and i’m stuck right there Can you help me get back 2 t he game??

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  24. Hi! my name is Rebecca {} I am unable to log in to your game. How did I lose this game site? I keep trying to log in, Did something happen to the Facebook connedtion? Please help me. I am your number#1 fan. Someone out there please help!!!

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  28. Just why are our games we love so TIGHT? Is it because you want player to BUYCHIPS a lot more or what is the rhyme or reason?

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