Game Spotlight: Oba, Carnaval!

The impending arrival of Lent makes Catholics all around the world want to party like heathens. That’s especially true in Brazil, where Carnaval – the country’s most famous holiday – begins today. Carnaval essentially consists of a week’s worth of festivities as most of the country shuts down to celebrate. We can’t send you to Brazil to party, but we did the next best thing and unlocked Oba, Carnaval, our newest game, for all players at High 5 Casino!

Oba, Carnaval brings the unforgettable experience of Brazilian Carnival to you! Elaborate costumes, sizzling samba music, and some entertaining characters make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the world’s largest party! Let loose, take to the streets, and watch as the sights and sounds of Rio come to life!

Oba, Carnaval’s innovative features help you win big as you party it up. Split Symbols allow for two major symbols to be in any single spot, meaning you can record huge 10-symbol wins on any given line, while Scatter Pays provide random additional credits that could come at any time!

What do you think of Oba, Carnaval? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Oba, Carnaval at High 5 Casino.

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