Cat Prince and Two Additional Titles Release on H5C Mobile

Three great new games from High 5 Casino on Facebook have been added to the newest release of High 5 Casino Mobile for iOS! Cat Prince, Pearl Bay, and Madame Monarch are now available to unlock and play on the go.

In Cat Prince, you’ll rule Egypt while collecting big wins for your services! Pearl Bay is a High 5 Games classic where players can submerge into a stunning environment and come away refreshed, enlightened, and (of course) prosperous! And in Madame Monarch, players can travel to a magical land where all types of creatures live peacefully under the affectionate watch of one woman.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of the app to get access to these fan favorites. If you love High 5 Casino Mobile, take a minute to rate us and leave a comment while you’re at the App Store, so we can get your feedback.

What games from High 5 Casino on Facebook are you most excited to see released to Mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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2 thoughts on “Cat Prince and Two Additional Titles Release on H5C Mobile

  1. I have a question…I just downloaded High 5 on my ipad and was very excited to do so! But since not all the games are available, when I collect my bonus I only receive what is available on my ipad. I arrived home thinking I could get the rest of my bonuses but that isn’t an option. So basically I lose by collecting on my ipad. Can that be changed?

  2. thank you for the 3 new games for the mobile, but I have had these games available on my mobile for at least 3 weeks.

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