Game Spotlight: Ravishing Beauties

When a woman is angry, you can typically see it in her eyes. An insensitive comment, a forgotten anniversary, or a tardy arrival can transform a docile expression into a wrathful one. Many women are good at masking the rest of their face, but few can stop from expressing their true feelings through their eyes. As someone who has been on the receiving end of these glares many times, I can tell you it’s absolutely terrifying. That feeling is taken to a whole new level in Ravishing Beauties, the newest game at High 5 Casino.

Join a fearless monster hunter as he attempts to make the world a safer place by ridding it of the Ravishing Beauties. A vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, and a frankenwoman are on the loose, and must be stopped. These monsters are as dangerous and depraved as they come – don’t let their looks fool you, or it could cost you your life! John, an H5G illustrator who worked on Ravishing Beauties, was kind enough to provide a little background on the new game:

“The inspiration for Ravishing Beauties came from a desire to pay homage to classic monster movies and monster hunters, and an understanding that supernatural subjects are very popular in our culture now. Instead of using the same old male monsters, we decided to portray their sexier female counterparts. There’s a vampire countess, a green-skinned patchwork frankenwoman, a shape-shifting female werewolf, and a partially unwrapped lady mummy. Our game is less about horror, and more about the seductive nature of monsters. Bruce [animator], Francis [production artist], Veronica [production artist], and I all came together to make a really cool game.”

Ravishing Beauties has some amazing features to back up its great art design. Stacked Symbols and Stacked Wilds lead to big and beautiful wins, while the Collect-2-Wild Bonus creates exciting and lucrative bonus rounds!

What do you think of Ravishing Beauties? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Ravishing Beauties at High 5 Casino.

10 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Ravishing Beauties

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  5. Still haven’t got my game of Ravishing Beauties yet when am I going to get cause I want to play it

  6. Have been playing Ravishing Beauties since it was unlocked and have had much success and lots of fun. Good luck everyone.

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