80+ Games: The Most Slots Available on Facebook

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

While other apps may try to compete, no one else even comes close. High 5 Casino has the most slots available anywhere on Facebook! With 80+ titles and counting, it’s easy to see why High 5 Casino is Facebook’s premiere destination for slots!

H5C slots aren’t just any old games either. The majority of our authentic slots can actually be found in real casinos around the world. That means while you’re spinning the reels on Jaguar Princess, someone in a Las Vegas casino probably is too. When you hit a jackpot on Thundering Buffalo, someone in a Singapore casino could be winning big as well!

And while we love offering the most slots, we also really love the places that our slots can transport players to. High 5’s premium slots are created with beautiful, realistic artwork, exciting animations, and vibrant music, providing a complete, immersive experience. Is it cold where you are? No problem! Open up Oba, Carnaval! and travel to the streets of Rio for the hottest festival of the year. Stuck at home on a Friday night? Not anymore! Click on The Palladium and dance the night away at the coolest night club in town.

Where else would you like our slots to take you to? Let us know in the comments section below. Who knows, by the time we hit 100 slots, maybe we’ll be able to take you into outer space! Oh wait, Stella Drive and the Orb of Chance already goes there…

Play High 5 Casino.

7 thoughts on “80+ Games: The Most Slots Available on Facebook

  1. Personally I always thought it should be illegal to charge money for coins on free games if we cannot win real money! They are only out to take your money! They dont care about the players, just their wallets.

  2. I’ll try to be a little more positive. Personally, I love your games. And yes, I like the idea that I can play some of them at my local casino. (The Meadows in Washington, PA.) I would like to see a game that resembles the 7’s, bars and cherries design of some of the older slots. Given current technologies, you could make them morph into other symbols, do the stacked symbol thing or come up with something else, completely unique to the game.
    There was one machine I used to play in Atlantic City that gave you the bonus game if you collected three ring boxes. The voice of the “jeweler” would say in long drawn voice – “mag-nificent”. The bonus allowed you to pick ring boxes – one of which was a “double diamond” which multiplied the win.
    So, my suggestion would be to find an “old” game and upgrade it with your special, unique design talents.
    Thanks for the good times,
    Barrie M.

  3. Tightest slots on Facebook. Just like Vegas…designed to separate the player from their credits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  4. 13 million coins for a thousand dollars??? Seriously?? Talk about pure greed! Who would in their right mind pay that? Its enough youre charging real money in the first place for non real coins that we cant win real money on!

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