Just a Typical Day at High 5 Games…

High 5 Games’ New York office often hosts models who come to be photographed and videotaped for our upcoming slots, but yesterday was different. Gabriela Isler, the reigning Miss Universe®, was at H5G HQ all day, working on an upcoming game that people all around the globe will be able to enjoy. Despite her packed schedule, Gabriela was kind enough to introduce herself to a bunch of High 5-ers, and even took pictures!


Don’t feel like waiting to see Miss Universe® in this new H5G game? Then head to High 5 Casino, where you can play Miss Universe® Crowning Moment! Miss Universe® Crowning Moment was the most popular game at High 5 Casino in November, and the second-most popular in December, so you know it’s good! Super Stacks and the Crowning Moment Pick Bonus lead to beautiful wins as you experience the pomp and circumstance of this annual international competition. And don’t think Miss Universe® forgot about all of her fans at High 5 Casino, either:

Miss Universe Desk Photo

What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games and the Miss Universe Organization collaborate on in the future?

Play High 5 Casino.

5 thoughts on “Just a Typical Day at High 5 Games…

  1. Actually, I don’t know what you people are talking about. I win on High 5 pretty regularly. Bottom line, if a slots game lets you win all the time, then it’s not very realistic. I appreciate the way High 5 does business. This game actually keeps me out of the casinos as much because it’s SO realistic. I win, but not every time… just like in the casino. The more I wager, the bigger the win (or loss).. just like in the casino. So my suggestion is, if you don’t like the pay outs, then by all means don’t spend actual money to get coins. I have never spent a dime of my money on an online game, but come back every day to have lots of fun. And if you are going to be a sore loser because you can’t win as much as you’d like to, then don’t play. It’s that simple. And for SURE, don’t go to a real casino. lol

  2. Do yourself a favor and avoid High5. Unless you’re one of those masochistic people who ENJOYs losing, you’ll be wasting your time. Tightest slots on Facebook, High5 exists only to separate you from your credits, as quickly as possible.

  3. I urge everyone to boycott all facebook slots until they pay out fairly and stop the extorting of money! Ive called for an investigation into all slot games on facebook and their so called fair play!

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