Game Spotlight: Split Dragon

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Q: What’s better than one dragon? A: Two dragons! Head to Shake the Sky Casino today and check out Split Dragon, the new game that proves the answer to that exceedingly easy question.

Split Dragon features beautiful, unique art design that you simply won’t be able to find at other Facebook apps. Nick Chin, the art director of H5G’s Red Gold studio, was kind enough to talk to High 5 Blog about the new game:

“Split Dragon is filled with auspicious symbols, like kites, peaches, and koi fish, but the dragon is easily the most powerful symbol in the game. The title refers to the fact that there are actually two dragons, and when they both appear they bring players the most luck and the biggest jackpots. Jin [animator], Irvin [illustrator], and Xindi [production artist] all did a great job of combining 2D and 3D elements to create an interactive experience for players. There’s even a 3D dragon that jumps out at you, which is a lot of fun. It came out so well that we’re going to do a sequel!”

In typical High 5 Games fashion, Split Dragon has great gameplay to back up its top-notch art design. Split Symbols give players the chance to get up to 10 matching symbols on any given line, because any one spot can contain two symbols, while the Golden Dragon Bonus leads to unpredictable and exciting bonus rounds filled with big jackpots!

What do you think of Split Dragon? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Shake the Sky.

9 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Split Dragon

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  3. I tried and tried and tried on Shake the Sky. I give up, and will not waste anymore time on the dead games. It’s a silly site. Sorry I’m so disillusioned with my experiences.

  4. Im writing a scathing report on about every last facebook slots game. Nothing but thieves and con artists! Offer free games and not pay off! Why are you allowed to charge money if we cant win money?

  5. The typical “payout” on High5 is less than the amount you wagered, ie, a loss. Do yourself a favor and run away.

  6. What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

    How about games that actually let you win without you trying to extort money with your outrageous prices!

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