High 5 Fight Club: March Madness Edition

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page and Shake the Sky fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today High 5 Blog correspondent Ali will be taking a look at two different matchups and offering her two cents on who would emerge victorious. Take our polls and let us know what you think!

Van Gogh vs. Double Da Vinci Diamonds

Who would win in a fight between Van Gogh and Mona Lisa from Double Da Vinci Diamonds?

Our first matchup pits an artistic master against an artistic masterpiece. In one corner, we’ve got post-impressionist painter Vincent Willem Van Gogh. There’s really only one thing to say about Van Gogh and that’s, well, would you want to go up against someone who was crazy enough to cut his own ear off? In the other corner, we’ve got the star of Double Da Vinci Diamonds, Miss Mona Lisa. We should be clear though, since the name of the game is Double Da Vinci Diamonds, there’s not just one but two Mona Lisas to contend with. Sure, they look pleasant enough, but who can say what wild thoughts are hiding behind those eyebrow-less poker faces. At least with Van Gogh, you know you’re getting a mad man. I’d rather be able to prepare myself with some heavy duty earmuffs than go up against a couple of wild card Mona Lisas.

EDGE: Double Da Vinci Diamonds

Lion Heart vs. Night of the Wolf

Who would win in a fight between Lion Heart and the werewolf from Night of the Wolf?

What happens when you put one man-beast in the ring with another man-beast? We’re about to find out! Lion Heart is the storied prince turned beast who just wants to be loved. He may look ferocious with his burly exterior, but I would bet that once he gets in that ring he would curl up like a little house cat thanks to his blue blood upbringing. With Night of the Wolf, we’ve got a shape shifter going from man by day to wolf by night. Characteristics of werewolves include predator instinct, feral mind, and enhanced senses like night vision, so let’s just say I wouldn’t want to find myself in the ring with one of these guys during a full moon.

EDGE: Night of the Wolf

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2 thoughts on “High 5 Fight Club: March Madness Edition

  1. If you value your PRIVACY, do NOT play this game. It will make posts on your behalf REGARDLESS of your preferences.

    I have gathered evidence, and will be speaking with my attorney on Monday. He’s kind of a rabid dog, he’ll love this. If you’ve noticed High Five making posts about your game play you really didn’t want to be public, contact me and we’ll escalate it to a class action suit.

  2. do not know where else to put this but I do not want my playing each game on High5 to show up on my facebook page….. How can I stop this with out quitting playing high 5 Casino?

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