Game Spotlight: Purrfect

Animal lovers, take note: Purrfect is now available to unlock at High 5 Casino! In case you couldn’t figure it out from the game’s title, Purrfect is all about adorable felines. Even if you weren’t a cat lover before, after a few big wins with Super Stacks and the Charmed Choice you’ll come around!

Animal-themed games have been a hit with High 5 Casino players in the past, but Purrfect takes it to the next level by using video footage of real cats as the basis for its animations. According to H5G animator Mike, working with cats was an arduous, frustrating process filled with insubordination, unusable footage, and useless specialists called cat wranglers; unsurprisingly, individuals that make the incomprehensible choice to become cat wranglers are not the most reliable people in the world. Six hours of footage was eventually whittled down to fifteen seconds that could be used for animating purposes, a process which nearly cost H5G production artist Veronica her sanity. Despite all these difficulties, the animations came out so well that in the end it was totally worth it.

What do you think of Purrfect? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Purrfect at High 5 Casino.

8 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Purrfect

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  4. enjoy playing so very much but every time I win big , I up my bet and pretty soon I am waiting for the four hours to bet up. I still love playing. Best casino

  5. I won a lot when it came on and after that first round of games, it has been peanuts or nothing. I must be holding my mouse wrong.:) I love all of the cats and have a hard time choosing which cat to play.:) I shall return!!

  6. I am just waiting for you to unlock some of the new games that you are releasing all of the time. I play everyday and sometimes for hours and use my free spins to try and unlock the new games and nothing. Why not unlock them before you release any new ones so players can play them.

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