Game Preview: Eternal Throne

Eternal Throne_Milestone
A dark king sits on the Eternal Throne. Bunkered down within the fortified walls of his castle, he uses the Eternal Throne’s unique ability to control time to keep an iron grasp on power. You are the last hope of a world grown tired of tyranny. Dethrone the dark king and bring freedom back to your people, and you’ll be rewarded with endless riches and a beautiful princess. Fail, and you won’t live to see the light of another day…

Eternal Throne is coming to Shake the Sky Casino later this week! On top of its amazing art design, Eternal Throne also has some great features to increase your bankroll. Independent Reels and a Retriggerable Bonus Round will help you win big while on the reels. Once Eternal Throne arrives, there will be 22 total games at Shake the Sky! In the meantime, enjoy our first 21 games, which are all unlocked!

What do you think of Eternal Throne? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

What are you waiting for? Play Shake the Sky Casino.

2 thoughts on “Game Preview: Eternal Throne

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  2. was wondering if high 5 has other sites than shake the sky & high five do not like double down can’t stop the reels & when are you going to bring siberian storm & kitty glitter to high 5

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