Game Preview: Empress of Time

Empress of Time is coming soon to High 5 Casino! You’ve probably heard the expression ‘Time is money’ before – in Empress of Time, this statement comes to life. Time is the only currency that matters, and the Empress controls its fair distribution. Of course, immense power creates many enemies. In this struggle of good vs. evil, will time end up in the wrong hands? If you choose to join the Empress of Time in her battle, you’ll be rewarded with 720 ways to win and Free Games with Increasing Multipliers.

Empress of Time was created by H5G’s Baby Ninja studio. H5G illustrator Jerry graciously provided some background on the making of Empress of Time:

“The theme was a lot of fun to work with, and allowed me to create these surreal complex backgrounds. I had so many different ideas that it was difficult for me to narrow them down, but in the end I really like how unique this game turned out. I hope players enjoy our take on a steampunk fantasy world.”

H5G animator Mike, who also worked extensively on Empress of Time, added:

“From an animation perspective, Empress of Time was a lot of fun because it required various layers of moving parts that needed to sync together. The way it was constructed was rather appropriate, since it’s inspired by the steampunk genre. The characters in the symbols were also a lot of fun to animate, and they all seem to exude very different personalities, which is very tough to convey in a three-second animation.”

Are you excited for the upcoming debut of Empress of Time at High 5 Casino? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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10 thoughts on “Game Preview: Empress of Time

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  7. How soon will the new games be available to play. I have all the other games open and the majority of them up to level 100 ,hope they open soon.

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