Game Spotlight: Parfum Adore

The little things in life often provide the most joy. A note from an old friend. A glass of wine after a long day. Or even the smell of a beautiful new perfume. Perfumes allow us to express ourselves through our sense of smell, to demonstrate what we find sexy and who we want to be. In Parfum Adore, you’ll find that the perfume you choose plays a large role in the image you project. So, who do you want to be tonight?

Parfum Adore, the second High Limit game at High 5 Casino, was unlocked today for all players! Just to refresh your memory, High Limit games, which always come unlocked, don’t have a maximum bet limit based on your player level. If you’ve got the H5C cash, you can spin the reels like a high roller, whether you’re player level 12 or player level 212.

Parfum Adore has some great gameplay features to go along with its beautiful art design. Super Stacks lead to huge wins during regular spins by increasing the possibility that long stacks of symbols will line up on the reels, while a Hi-Lo Bonus makes free games more fun than ever!

What do you think of Parfum Adore? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Parfum Adore at High 5 Casino.

11 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Parfum Adore

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  2. The same thing happened to me…I haven’t reported it the support team as of yet but I am getting ready to. I hope they can help. Did you receive your free game?

  3. Hi Lisa, you’ll need to direct that question to our customer care team. Please email and let them know what happened. Make sure to include your username and your player level in the email.

  4. whiI was playing today I was using my free spins.  I got the three boxes and uncovered the three locks so I should have gotten a new game but it never came up.  Can you do anything about this or explain why I didn’t get a new game.

  5. Last week while in gift boxes mode, I received a free game (unlock sign) but there were no free games available, only a “coming soon”, so how or will I receive my free game?

  6. I believe there is a glitch in this game. It will not open. I have tried numerous times to open the game and it freezes up at 54% to 98%. I can open other games from your sight but not this one. Empress of time is giving issues as well.

  7. Hello! Please try refreshing your game, and then you should receive the unlock pop up.

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