Game Spotlight: Enchanted Beauty

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Enchanted Beauty released to Shake the Sky yesterday, making it the 24th game available at the Facebook casino. This brand new slot title features Clusterbucks and an Enduring Bonus, two features we encourage you to read more about in our recent Slot Fundamentals posts. The Enduring Bonus in Enchanted Beauty lasts until three Wild symbols are locked into place in the middle reels, so there are plenty of opportunities to win in the free games bonus!

Enchanted Beauty tells the tale of a beautiful young woman who is trapped in the center of an intricate labyrinth, entranced by the magic of an evil warlock. She needs the single gold key to release her from the tangle in which she is kept. The maze around her is a fascinating world filled with colorful unicorns, divine fairies, a mythical centaur, and otherworldly creatures that are all trying to save her.

Enchanted Beauty was created by H5G’s Red Gold art studio. H5G animator Kori shared her thoughts on this game with us:

“Since I started as an animator at High 5 Games, I’ve wanted to work on a game that had unicorns or fairies. When I found myself working on a game that has both, I was beyond excited. Sparkles are also one of my favorite things to create, so when Enchanted Beauty came along, I didn’t hold back.”

We hope you find Enchanted Beauty to be just as magical and exciting as we do! What type of games would you like to see us make in the future? Check out Enchanted Beauty at Shake the Sky Casino today.

5 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Enchanted Beauty

  1. Hi, you state the Enduring Bonus lasts until 4 wilds lock. When I was in the bonus round, it ended when 3 wilds locked.

    Also, why are there blanks when the wheels roll?

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