Game Spotlight: She-Wolf

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

She-Wolf debuts at High 5 Casino today unlocked for everyone! Who is the She-Wolf? She’s unlike any other woman you’ve ever seen. Beautiful, yet dangerous. Intelligent, yet wild. Having given up on the world long ago, she now resides in the wilderness, living off the land and communing with the wolves that follow her. She lives a simple life, unburdened by the demands of society. Want to see for yourself? Then try to track her down, if you dare…

She-Wolf was created by H5G’s 50 West art studio. The art team put a high level of attention into ensuring the slot had a primal feel to it. H5G illustrator Scott, who worked on She-Wolf, shared some of his insights with us:

“One thing visually we wanted to do is to really push the organic and natural motifs, so instead of a lot of gold framing we have wood textures, lots of trees, and rocks. We borrowed from Native American motifs as well as primitive man motifs – just combining these things to make a sort of timeless fantasy setting.”

She-Wolf features Super Stacks and a Collection Bonus. Super Stacks make it easier to record big wins because long stacks of symbols are more likely than ever to appear on the reels. With the Collection Bonus, players are awarded additional games if they collect the letter B-O-N-U-S from the reels.

Don’t miss out on the alluring She-Wolf, now available to play at High 5 Casino!

7 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: She-Wolf

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  2. Free game bonus does not work on this game as well as many others level 95 player very disappointed

  3. Love the graphic on this game a very outstanding job I love playing the games just to see those graphics.. The first time I saw it it I was just amazed. I couldn’t wait to see it again. I have played it a lot already and still love watching the pictures. Well done. Perfect job.

  4. It’s a great game and went to level 10 after a few spins yet I didn’t see it the game locks down and i have to log in again this is upsetting what is the problem your getting to big or what?

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