Game Spotlight: Daughters of the Regiment

They were America’s first dangerous beauties. Meet the Daughters of the Regiment, the unsung heroes of America’s Revolutionary War. They may not look intimidating, but their loveliness masks a fierce desire to fight for freedom. As the war reaches a fevered pitch, they stand and fight, willing to risk life and limb to defend the principles of a country in its infancy.

Daughters of the Regiment is the latest High Limit game to debut at High 5 Casino. You don’t have to wait for some luck at the lobby slot, because High Limit games come unlocked for all players! Plus, your maximum bet is not capped by your player level, so you can land some enormous jackpots with Stacked Wilds and Free Games with Locking Wilds whether you’re player level 16 or 160.

Daughters of the Regiment makes 90 games at High 5 Casino! You won’t find that many premium, authentic slots anywhere else on Facebook. At this point, High 5 Casino has nearly 20 more games than Slotomania, and nearly 40 more games than DoubleDown! When High 5 Casino leads Facebook in both quality and quantity of games, why would you play anywhere else? Aside from Shake the Sky, of course.

What do you think of Daughters of the Regiment? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

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20 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Daughters of the Regiment

  1. Hey Francenette, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to investigate this issue further for you but we need some help from you. If possible, please answer the following questions and email us at
    1) Have you cleared your cache every time before you play our games?
    2) Do you have the latest version of flash player?
    3) What browser do you use? Have you tried switching browser to see if it alleviates the problem.
    We would really appreciate if you can help us answer the above questions and email us, this would allow us to further investigate into this issue. Thank you for your help.

  2. i have been with u from the beginning. about 3 weeks ago I start having problems with h5s. games freeze over and over again. the message sometime said: a problem with the webpage caused internet to close and reopen the tab Help please I am a senior and love the play this game

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  6. I love this game it pays really well I play on around 3 to 4 thousand and It pays well. Free games are good too 🙂

  7. because all they care about is draining your bank account, Betty. Thats why they dont want you to win anything.

  8. Hi Betty,

    Both High 5 Games and Shake the Sky Casino are completely free for all players to enjoy. Both games do offer the option of purchasing coins, but that decision is entirely up to the player. If you have any additional questions, please contact and someone will be able to assist you from there.

  9. How can you call these games free if you have to BUY coins to play? That is false advertising!

    Why should we have to buy if we cant win real money!?

  10. New game Daughters, played lost alot of money ov er 200 thousand.dont care for that.

  11. Hi Yvonne, we wanted to give our players as many opportunities to win big as possible, so we increased the maximum number of lines to 50. However, you still have the option to lower your bet by decreasing the number of lines you are betting. To do so, click the arrow left of your line bet several times. We wanted to make sure the Daughters of the Regiment was in line with all our other high limit games, which require a minimum bet of $20 a line. However, your bet can be as low as $20 a spin if you choose to bet only one line! Good luck!

  12. Daughters of the Regiment is like too many other High 5 designed games…WAY too tight with bonuses and not worth playing time for low payouts…High Limit Games?Be like a real casino and set up a High Limit separate space…At player level 114, I’m almost ready to give up on High 5…

  13. When you released this game last night with a minimum bet of 300 and stated as such to several players I played and loved the game. I went on to post how happy I was with the game and the FACT that you had made it accessible to all even though it was a HIGHER bet minimum than the regular games. Then you went and did the most underhanded thing possible. After many people had played and said how much they liked the game You CHANGED it to a 50 liner with a minimum bet of 1000. This has put it out of the reach of all but the few who have mega balances. I am thoroughly disgusted by your action and the deceitful way you went about it.

  14. Lately I have been having a hard time getting your games to load. I get the turn ins and go to play a game and it will not load. After numerous times of going back to the home page and re-selecting the game it will finally load. I am not having this problem with other sites.

  15. This “High Limit” game thing is getting old … FAST! It’s hard enough to win sometimes, but when you must bet at least 1,000 per spin, this makes it hard to play the new games. Are ALL new game going to be High Limit now? I sincerely hope not! Love high 5, but let some of us that are not “millionaires” play the new games!

  16. Lately High 5 has been going to High Limit games. When is High 5 going UP their rather anemic bonuses as a reward for our new efforts?

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