Slot Fundamentals: Super Stacks

Slot Fundamentals is a column we’ll be running occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Super Stacks, a popular feature that can be found in many of our games.

One of the best parts of playing slot games is the time between when a player spins and when the symbols finally settle on the reels. As the various colors and shapes whiz by, the suspense builds and anything seems possible. That fleeting feeling of anticipation and possibility is one of the reasons playing slots is so much fun. Super Stacks make the time between the spin and the payout even more exciting, and potentially lead to big and beautiful wins as well. But how exactly do Super Stacks work?

Essentially, Super Stacks increase the frequency that a full stack of the same symbol will land in a reel. In a Super Stacks game you’re likely to see long rows of matching symbols in each of the vertical columns, instead of random groupings of various symbols. This feature leads to compelling gameplay, because long rows of matching symbols humming by create even more suspense than usual. More importantly, it increases the potential for huge blowout wins, complete with stunning animated graphics. Look for Super Stacks in High 5 Casino games like Dangerous Beauty, Jaguar Princess, MISS UNIVERSE Crowning Moment, Purrfect, and She-Wolf and Shake the Sky games like Bollywood Bride, Cirque Chinois, and Silk & Steel.

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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20 thoughts on “Slot Fundamentals: Super Stacks

  1. The super stacks games are interesting BUT the increased lag time for “catching the wheels” in the newer games has taken the fun out of the game.

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