¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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Is it sad that I took four years of Spanish in high school, and still had to use Google Translate to make sure the title for this post was correct? Probably. But regardless, nothing is going to get me down on Cinco de Mayo, not even the fact that it falls on a Monday, which means I may be in a bit of a margarita haze at work tomorrow. We here at High 5 Games hope you have a great day filled with cervezas (I remembered that word), tasty food, and, of course, High 5 Casino. Here are a few half-baked suggestions for fun H5C slots to play today:

Pasión y Fuego

The finely manicured lawns, gleaming cars, and opulent houses in this neighborhood do not tell the entire story. Beneath the pristine surface, drama lurks, waiting to bubble to the surface. Years of wicked schemes and treachery threaten to tear one family apart, while two desperate lovers struggle to overcome deception, betrayal and temptation. When life gets this intense, nothing can quell the Pasión y Fuego! Clusterbucks and an Enduring Bonus lead to big wins in this exciting game, which has a Spanish title and is therefore perfect for today.

The Lovely Outlaws

These gun-toting ladies are the most wanted outlaws west of the Mississippi. With a new set of warrants out for their arrest, they’re storming into town and looking for a showdown with the sheriff. Swing on through the doors of the drinking saloon, take a seat, and order yourself a whiskey. Because these sharp shootin’ ladies are riding through at high noon with business to settle, and you do not want to miss it. Tumbling Reels and Connected Lines create thrilling wins in this high-octane game! And the ladies all wear sombreros, which is why we’re recommending it today.

Don’t worry, we’re aware that Mexico and Brazil are two very different countries, but we chose this slot because it’s a game about celebration. Carnaval in Brazil is like no other celebration in the world. Elaborate costumes, sizzling samba music, and non-stop fun, the world’s largest party is simply unstoppable. Let loose, take to the streets, and watch as the sights and sounds of Rio come to life! Split Symbols and Scatter Pays generate enormous jackpots that will make you want to keep the party going!

What games are you going to play at High 5 Casino today? Comment on this post and you could be one of five players to win a High 5 Games tote bag! Be sure to include your name and email in the comments so we can contact you.

73 thoughts on “¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  1. I could use my High5Casino Tote to take to the casino!! I love High5Casino Games, I love Sirens, Valkyrie Queen, almost all of your games.

  2. I tend to play whatever is the lowest level non high roller slot I have unlocked. Always playing the lowest level game tends to generate spins and increases the 4 hour bonus payouts quickly, and when you are working with 3-5k average bank roll, its hard to level the higher level machines. This way of cycling through the machines keeps things fresh too, and its fun to speculate on what will or will not level quickly.

    All that said, my favorite games are ‘Dangerous Beauty’ as it was the first slot I ever played on H5c and the first slot I ever leveled passed 20, ‘The Mighty Atlas’ because it gave me the best bonus I’ve ever had and it looks cool, ‘Hoot/Lyger Loot’ because those are some OG vegas slots and I like seeing them dance around when you hit big on the loot line. I love ‘Valkyrie’ because I had over 30 re-triggered spins in the bonus once, as well as the other tumbling reel slots, especially classics like ‘De Vinci’ and ‘Pixies of the Forest.’

    From the ones mentioned up top, I’ve only had the chance to play Pasion Y Fuego, my wife and I joked about how much like “Telemundo” the thing looks. I like the way the reels behave in that machine.

    Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone, be safe, be happy, designate a sober driver.

  3. It’s always a fiesta in San Antonio, I have spent so much money in Oba but no bonus yet, but I will keep a trying…Love high 5

  4. There are so many good games to choose from. But I think I shall play Lovely Outlaws for a bit…I love the tumbling reels.

  5. i am pretty proud of myself.its taken a long time to get to the hundred thousands and can actually bet higher now! its so fun to be to sit and play alittle.love the graphics soooo much muey bonita ! thank you high 5 ! cant wait for the release of new games !

  6. High 5 is and has been my FAV online games every since I started playing!! 🙂 Even when I go through the no win spells. Just, of course “more fun: when I’m on a roll. 😀 LOL
    No other games on FB compare, in my opinion!! Have said this often and it still rings true!!

  7. Ich spiele sehr gerne alle Spiele von H5C. Das beste Casino auf Facebook

  8. For today, especially, I will play Oba, Carnival. Fun game and decent payouts. I like the graphics too.

  9. I think I like lovely outlaws .. play it in the casino and play it a lot here

  10. love all the games, play high 5 everyday, totally addicted to the slots

  11. I love Golden Knight, that’s my favorite go to game. I used to play on other casinos but now I just play on High 5!!! Love all of your games!!!

  12. Love the games with the Tumbling Reels. I’ll definitely be playing those today…..Any chance of getting Carnival of Mystery? I love that game.

  13. Happy Cinco De Mayo High 5 and Shake the Sky! I just love your games. Today is gonna be a scatter bucks day for me. I’m going to play all of your games that have scatter bucks so I can try to get ahead.

  14. I’m going to play your new high roller game Daughter’s of the Regiment. High 5 and Shake the Sky are the only slots I play anymore. I get excited collecting my points every 4 hours just so I can play some more. Happy Cinco de Mayo 🙂

  15. I Love all the games, but today May 5 I’m going to play Oba Carnival

  16. Hi, I Like Your Games, They Are Very Unique And Fun To Play, I Am Not Much Of A Gambler But I Am A GAMER Which Keep Me Coming Back To Play And Spin. Your Blogs Help Keep Me In The Know, After Reading Them Often I Feel Very Informed On What Is Happening On High Five Casino. TYVM

  17. I will be playing PasionYFuego because I love Margaritaville & Cervezas which i know means beer lol ……. Ty high Five love your games

  18. love love love yalls slots <3.. the play well, the reels don't stick and the graphics are beautiful…. best slots on facebook 🙂

  19. i love all the games with the tumbling reels…. yall have the best games on facebook!!! the play well, the reels don’t stick and the graphics are beautiful… love love love ❤ 🙂

  20. Would love to win a High 5 tote! But if I don’t it’s okay because I can play all of your awesome games and never leave home. And I love ALL of your games! I play several times a day, if I have any money. LOL

  21. Love the game my partner and I love to sit and play in the evenings and compete against each other…lol Lots of fun but wish there were more sales 🙂 Thank you for the freebies!

  22. I love High 5 slots and play them more often than any other site! I hope I win a tote… regardless I will keep playing this site!

  23. High 5 is the place that I go to unwind and remove the stresses from a tough time in my life. I love the relaxing experience and am now addicted to Golden Knight. Happy Wheels everyone!

  24. Aww TY, You Chose 3 Great Games To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Monday, They Are Very Fun And Hold Excitement In Every Spin!! Win Or Lose I Am Eager And Excited To Play, Like All H5G They Keep You coming Back For More… 🙂

  25. I don’t care what anyone else says about slot games on Facebook. High 5 slots are the very best. I tell people about this game site every chance I get. I tell them they can’t get slots any better than this, outside of being at the real casinos itself!!!

  26. I love, love, love all H5C games. I wish I could get STS available on my phone

  27. Love to play on High5 Casino. Its a daily play for me especially since getting out of the hospital. Hope to win the tote!

  28. At last – What a hassle to find — Love H5C games —- Would really like to have that tote bag – Can it be purchased? I never win stuff

  29. Best games on Facebook hands down ! Love playing on my iPad but need more mobile games !

  30. I love Oba, Carnaval! I usually do pretty well with that game! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!

  31. I LOVE High 5 and love playing them at my local Seneca Niagara Gaming Casinos that are minutes from me, they have all your games!!

  32. lovely outlaws of course… got to celebrate with the lovely senoritas…

  33. Love most of your slots at this site. High Level player. Kiss of the Rose is my current favorite with Gypsy a close second!!! Would love to play all day, every day!!

  34. Going to play all the Cinco de Mayo related games today!! Must be the lucky ones I would hope!! Have a great winning day everyone!! Love H5

  35. Hoot Loot….. great game… lots of fun games at High 5 Casino…. thanks……

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