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Every couple of weeks Elaine, High 5 Blog’s CRM correspondent, stops by to discuss ways to optimize your High 5 Casino and/or Shake the Sky experience.

Hello there High 5-ers! I don’t know about you, but I feel like spring has finally sprung! This week, I want to walk you all through some of the recent changes to High 5 Casino Mobile for iOS.

1. Scroll is now smoother

The games on our mobile app used to be laid out in sets — the same way they are at High 5 Casino on Facebook and High5Casino.net — and you had to swipe from one page to the next. Now, you can continuously scroll through the games, without stopping on each page. If you want to see a slot at the very end of your list, swipe your finger quickly across the screen and watch the games fly by. If you want to browse your library at a more leisurely pace, move your finger slowly across the screen and scroll through your games uninterrupted.

2. Accessing the menu is more convenient

There are now two ways to access the general settings menu in High 5 Casino Mobile for iOS. You can still select the menu button in the top right-hand corner to access the menu, but our most recent build also allows you to pull the menu out by putting your finger on the right side of the app and swiping it to the left.

3. The menu has changed

At the top of the menu, you’ll now see your account type — whether you’re logged in through Facebook, Play Real, or as a guest. If you’d like to log into a different account, simply hit ‘LOG OUT’ under your account type.

When you are in a game, you’ll now be able to access the paytable directly through the menu as well.

I hope this helps you enjoy the new features in High 5 Casino Mobile for iOS. As always, let us know if you have any questions! In the meantime, good luck and happy spinning!

16 thoughts on “High 5 Games Help Desk

  1. Hey Karen, please contact our support team for assistance via the High 5 Help Center for the coins that you didn’t received. It can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu at the top right hand corner of the casino and then choosing ‘Help’. You can simply click on the ‘Submit A Request’ button at the top right hand corner of High 5 Help Center. Fill out the form and a customer care representative will email you as soon as possible.

  2. Help pls,,,once again site issue level 142 game frozen will not let me out of foxy dynamite,,issues all the time,,,,,,,..tried closing and rebooting 5x still no help,,,,,cannot even get into help from the site,,,Pls fix ASAP guest acct level 142ipad ruthconnolly@rogers.com,,,,really getting sick of constant tech issuesHELP Pls

  3. ever since you added poker your site is unplayable takes 10 mins to log on games freeze dont load so much for enhanced gaming try hiring geeks that know what there doing!

  4. The night of 2/06/ I lost contact I retried twice but to no avail. Next morning the screen only opened halfway and all my coins missing.about 150.I am on level 88 and I really love your games.

  5. trying to get hold of high5 support but will not load..new game desert rose is malfunctioning. went from level 1 to level 20 only 9 free spins awarded. went from lev 20 to 21 and no free spins awarded. please correct this problem. I am a level 157 player

  6. P.S.
    Have always gotten excellent results to my communications with High5!! 🙂
    Thank you for that!!
    That’s why I went ahead and sent it to the High 5 email address that I have!

  7. I was having issues today with STS (White Lion)…I commented on there FB wall/app page. They directed me to a link, but I couldn’t seem to see that it was taking me to anyone. So, I sent my troubles to High 5….please see if you can track it down, so you can help me with it.

  8. why is the high limit games don’t have FREE GAMES and don’t have BIG pay outs?
    It really hurts to see credits degrees in the high limit games today is my
    Birthday I thought I would maybe get lucky but not.

  9. All I have is iOS mobile! When I unlock a game and it is for desktop, I recieve nothing I think I should get at least some coins or free spins!

  10. C’mon, guys, why are we androiders treated like third-class players? How much longer do we have to wait for our mobile games?

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