Game Preview: Emperor’s Delight

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Travel back to the time of the Tang Dynasty and experience a world of wealth and luxury in Emperor’s Delight, which is being released at Shake the Sky Casino later this week! This game features the auspicious symbols and traditional themes that can be found in many of the quintessential Shake the Sky games; for instance, the oranges on the plate are a symbol of good luck and wealth.

Emperor’s Delight is part of a larger collection of games known as the Imperial Collection, which will all be available for play at Shake the Sky in the future. The next Imperial Collection game slated for release is Fortune Cat Fever, which is coming next week.

Emperor’s Delight features Stacked Symbols and Free Games. Players are given a glimpse at a beautiful painting, part of the emperor’s personal collection, when going into the Free Games bonus!

We hope you enjoy a look inside the emperor’s grand palace while playing Emperor’s Delight! Be sure to check it out when it premieres at Shake the Sky Casino later this week!

3 thoughts on “Game Preview: Emperor’s Delight

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  2. You have really wrecked Shake the sky slots.Will not play again until it’s fixed.Need to win millions just to increase my levels.

  3. Has anyone actually seen the free game triggered in Emperor’s Delight? I am at level 65 and have not seen yet,

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