Game Spotlight: Wellspring

The search has consumed your life. You’ve been ridiculed and called mad, yet you’ve never given up. After all, if you discover what you’re looking for, it will all be worth it. Just when all seems lost, a new lead appears that seems promising. After a long journey through uncharted territories, you come across a beautiful waterfall where two lovely women wait. Have you finally discovered the Fountain of Youth?

Wellspring debuts as the latest amazing game at High 5 Casino today! With 90+ slots available to play at this point, it won’t be long before we’re the only casino app on Facebook with over 100 premium games! Wellspring has 243 ways to win and Bonus Select to ensure that you’ll land some reinvigorating jackpots while visiting this mythical locale. I don’t even know if I’d want to drink from the Fountain of Youth, though. Not because of a philosophical concern about death bringing meaning to life, or because I wouldn’t want to live without my family and friends around. But rather because I know I would get to the Fountain of Youth right after some really gross person misread the instructions and bathed in it instead of drinking from it. I’d rather accept my own mortality than drink some random dude’s bath water.

What do you think of Wellspring? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Wellspring at High 5 Casino.

17 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Wellspring

  1. I have used over 100 spins to unlock it without success. I would like to know the secret too. My husband only spun 3 times & got it 3 days ago. Where did I fail? HELP Please!

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