Game Preview: Fortune Cat Fever

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

We don’t know about you, but of all the cats in the world, our favorite is probably maneki-neko, more commonly known as fortune cat!

Lucky for us (and you), next week’s Shake the Sky release is Fortune Cat Fever and it has an abundance of our favorite feline. The fortune cat is a common lucky charm that makes a beckoning motion with its paw and is meant to bring good luck to its owner. The fortune cat is often depicted with a decoration around its neck, and in Fortune Cat Fever, you’ll notice all the cats wear collars with small bells. These accessories were common attire for wealthy household cats over 200 years ago in Japan; the bells helped owners keep track of the location of their furry friends.

Fortune Cat Fever features Split Symbols for double the wins, and a free games bonus. The fortune cats in this game wear lots of cool costumes, but keep your eye out in the bonus for a very special fortune cat… It’s none other than Elvis fortune cat! He’s even wearing The King’s signature white jumpsuit. We’re sure you’ll have just a hunk, a hunk of burning fun with Fortune Cat Fever – coming next week to Shake the Sky Casino!

3 thoughts on “Game Preview: Fortune Cat Fever

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  2. It would be nice if you can fix the reels on the spins. White Lion last night took almost a half an hour to spend 10 or more spins. Started to fall asleep!. Don’t give me your “canned ” reply, I have done everything you tell players to do. Doesn’t happen on any other gaming sites.

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