Game Spotlight: Love and Valor

Another week, another amazing game to play at High 5 Casino! This week’s release is Love and Valor, and as the latest High Limit game at H5C it comes unlocked for everyone! In addition to being immediately available, High Limit games also have no player-level based max-bet limit, so you can score some spectacular payouts with 576 ways to win and Bonus Select whether you’re a newbie or a veteran at High 5 Casino.

The amazing art studios at High 5 Games never fail to amaze me: One week, they’re working on a game about cats, the next they’re making a game all about partying, and then they can switch it up and come out with something like Love and Valor. Regardless of the theme or the style, every game looks great. If I was an artist here, we would still have a variety of games, but they would all come out looking like crudely drawn stick figures.

Love and Valor transports players back to a world engulfed by World War II, but the true battle in H5G’s latest slot takes place in the heart. A beautiful singer is torn between the steady love she already knows and the potential love she feels for another. Who will she choose, and will they even survive the battles that lie ahead?

What do you think of Love and Valor? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Love and Valor at High 5 Casino.

7 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Love and Valor

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  4. If you are going to continue to make the games high limit you should also make the same changes to High5 casino that you did to shake the sky. I really enjoy the High 5 games, but by changing so many of them to high limit, I run out of credits to fast, and can not afford to buy them all the time.

  5. Why all the high-limit games? You’re taking away people’s choices. If someone wants to play over $1000 they can without being forced to. Please don’t keep doing this.

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