Fun Summer Games at High 5 Casino

Here at the NYC HQ of High 5 Games, for better or worse, it finally feels like summer. For me, that’s mostly for the worse. I’m not looking forward to three or four months of sunburns that turn into farmer’s tans, or to constantly feeling sweaty and sticky. A quick glance at my phone – which can tell temperature more reliably than it can send text messages or receive calls – reveals it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit today, and it’s only going to get hotter. Don’t get me wrong though; there are plenty of things to like about summer. High 5 Casino has lots of games with a summery feel. If you’re looking to beat the heat while still having fun, check out these awesome H5C summer slots:

Island Eyes

Sparkling like emeralds from the shadows, her eyes will captivate you. Set forth on an adventure to find true love, hidden treasures… and unlock the secret of her Island Eyes. Island Eyes features Super Stacks, which lead to spectacular wins. Plus, you can pretend like you’re vacationing on a beautiful, warm island! Wherever you are currently, you’d probably rather be on an island. If you’re currently reading this from an island, I hate you.

Ocean’s Glory

Ocean’s Glory is a magical escape into the deep blue sea. Leave land behind and head out on an aquatic adventure that will leave you breathless after big wins with Super Symbols. Frolicking dolphins, magnificent whales, and other mesmerizing sea creatures will guide you as you explore the untold wonders waiting for you in the depths of the ocean – go find them! And try to avoid those annoying stinging jellyfish.

Golden Odyssey

Summer is definitely the best time to embark on an odyssey; you don’t want to be tripping around the world in bad weather (just ask Odysseus). Golden Odyssey lets you experience an epic tale of loyalty and temptation in the wake of the Trojan War. Greek heroes, the gods of Mount Olympus, and the mythological Cyclops await you. Do you have the strength to complete your journey home, or will you be seduced ashore by the Sirens and their lovely songs? Come aboard the ship and find out. Even if you don’t have what it takes, you can still win big with Tumbling Reels, Split Symbols, and Stacked Wilds.

White Falls

Let the good times rain down upon you. White Falls depicts a fascinating and serene atmosphere for players looking to escape the commotion of ordinary life. With a dazzling heroine, stunning graphics, and rewarding features like Stacked Wilds, Connected Lines, and Horizontal Expanding Wilds, you can definitely let loose and have fun with this slot.

What games are you going to play at High 5 Casino today? Comment on this post and you could win a High 5 Games notebook to write your hopes and dreams of big wins in! Maybe we’ll even throw in an H5G pen or tote bag, too. Be sure to include your name and email in your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Celebrate summer at High 5 Casino.

287 thoughts on “Fun Summer Games at High 5 Casino

  1. Hi H5C. Love your games. I’m so glad that you are now downloadable for android. Now if I just can keep my tokens.

  2. Tremendous issues here. I’m very glad to see your post.
    Thank you so much and I’m having a look
    forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  3. Hello Billie, Thanks for the note, I do like High 5 very much. I have spent quite a lot of time and money here. Irt is the best I have found so far.


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  5. Could be worse. Could be down here in Oklahoma. Very hot, humid, and still in tornado season. Not as bad as last year though for tornados. Very glad of that. Spending my Summer enjoying 3 of my Grandsons. Zoo, Library, Water park and picnics at the park. And when they go home at night, High 5 calls me. Have a great summer

  6. High Five is the best. On the other page I offered to beg for the notebook amongst other methods. Here I will just say…again….High Five Rocks….and not like an old person in a chair.!!!!

  7. Hi H5C I would love a notebook never owned one before. I love your casino. I love playing your slots and cant wait to have H5C on android,

  8. I like White Falls the best. I am also impressed with the graphics of most of the games. I enjoy playing.

  9. OK!! I finally decided that I guess I “am” s’pose to leave my name and email “IN” my comment, even though you have it!! 😉 So …here it is (after my, like 3rd comment!! Lol
    Vada Myer
    And, again….I’ll keep it simple and real! High 5 Casino is my absolute FAV! None of the others even compare!! And, yes, of course I’d love to win one of the H5G tablets!! Who wouldn’t, right? Sure would be more convenient and handy than the laptop & bigger than the Iphone, for these bad eyes to see better, on the go!! Have my fingers crossed. But, either way…High 5 ROCKS!! No contest!!

  10. Love the games. I had a long run of bad luck, followed by a nice run of good luck, and have been able to get all my games to 100 or higher. (lucky right?!). Looking forward to more releases. I never win anything, but sure do need a notebook. My grandkids dropped my laptop and broke it. It cannot be fixed, but luckily I had backed up all the data. It would be great to have when I visit my mom so I don’t miss getting my High 5 fix. Thanks High 5 for all the wonderful games (just like being in Vegas – but it doesn’t cost as much. LOL)

  11. I don’t really know which game I would consider my favorite. I like most of them. I do like tumbling reels though. Maybe Pixies of the Forest would be my favorite. For the past while I have been just focusing on getting all my games to level 50. Almost there. Winning a Notebook would be awesome.

  12. I will be playing them all, as I do every day, in the morning while having my coffee. My favorite right now is Wellspring. Thanks for all the great games.

  13. I love your games. I have 20 games that aren’t at level 100… going to be working on them… then the goal is 200 for everything. Keep up the great work!

  14. I would like the notebook mine is getting old and I want to keep playing your games. I have a son who is a senior in high school and hopes to go to college. I play your games all the time if you can clock hours between me and my husband we play a lot. Thanks

  15. Hey High5 I would love a notebook to play all the high stakes games on. Right now all I have is a pc and thats kinda hard to drag around with me, not to mention how the cords keep tripping me up. I always play the high stakes games first and then use the change to play the regular games, when I can be at my pc that is. And if I win a notebook I could also let my parents use it during their hospital stays which have become very frequent this last year and a half as they are 84 and 90 years old. Thanks

  16. Could H5C & STS please post a list of the Games with the unique features listed? I try all of the games, but I forget which ones have respins, super symbols & so on that I really like to play. Maybe even symbols next to the games so we can tell at a glance if it has a special feature. Thanks!

  17. I really do like your site, most games are really good. I don’t like birds of wonder though never do really well lol. I am now enjoying wellspring..

  18. I play Amulet and Charm but glad to see the Love and Valor game. Would be great to win. Thanks High 5 and Shake the Sky for all the great games. email is

  19. I LOVE all your games at High Five and Shake the Sky …. play them daily and am an addict. Would really like your notebook so that I have something dedicated solely to your games and won’t get distracted by Facebook or anything else. My email is: Thank you for all that you do!!!

  20. I love all of your games, but I keep spending my coins so I have to wait until next time for coins LOL would love to win a notebook.

  21. I usually play All of them! I really like Island Eyes and Hoot Loot

  22. All the games are great! But, the Tumblers are my favorite! Great staff at High5! Keep up the good work.

  23. Not real sure if I needed to leave my email “here”? Or, if since it’s below my comments, you already have it. ?? I get my emails from you, so I’m guessing I’m in the running, and don’t need to make my email public, right?? Sure hope so. Would be real nice to receive one of the notebooks! Hate to think I goofed up my chances!! 😛 Here’s to “hope”!! 🙂

  24. They say I have the island eyes, if I can’t get to the islands to sit in the sand on the beach at least I can play H5G on my brand new notebook?
    Beth Taccia

  25. I am a recent convert to Love U. Initially despised the game – until the big wins, of course. Actually won $1million+ in the bonus. It’s a fun game. Music and graphics are cool.

  26. I love too many games on High 5… It’s the first place I go when I open Facebook, and I start with the game closest to reaching level 100. Right Now that game is Michaelangelo. Recent favorites include Daughters of the Regiment, Renior Riches and Legend of Robin and Marian. I would love a H5G Notebook to play even more High 5, along with Shake the Sky! Thank you for your fun site!

  27. Golden Odessey is definitely one of my top five picks on High 5 Casino computer games. I would love to win a new notebook; especially since my lap top recently uploaded a mean virus and caused it to crash. “” is my old faithful email address so contact me soon to let me know when I win the notebook. Thanks!!

  28. I love all your games my deploy (army) playing your games help me to releases stress the are the best casino games i never see.


  30. Secrets of the forest has been my favorite one since I started playing H5C. But I think I’ll play Hoot Loot and Love U today!

  31. I like Ocean Glories but I really like ALL the games! Some I even play at the casino here

  32. I play Legends of Hope, Jewels of India, Legends of Troy, and City Lights on a regular basis. However I enjoy all the games, these are my Favorites. Kenneth Haught

  33. I like the golden knight and the witches one. Sorry I’m horrible with names!

  34. I will play them all!!!!! I Love H5C! Each day I choose one to concentrate on playing the most, but bounce back and forth to others as well. Keep up the great work H5C! You help to make my day a little more fun!

  35. I can’t choose only one or even several favorites on High5 they are all so fun. I bounce around and try to level evenly as possible. Now I even have my friends and family playing at High5! 🙂 Janell Churchill

  36. I love the cascading games and i just unlocked cyrano so its my favorite right now pixies in the forest is a close second i wasn’t a fan of the high limit games until i won big! If I win the H5C notebook so I can play even more often!!!! Thanks Patricia Swier

  37. I love hi5 I have downloaded several other sites which I seem to have lot of money but they are just not that much fun. I also enjoy Shake the Sky, some of the games are really fascinating. I would like a notebook for my husband because he always wants to play on mine. We re both retired and play hi5 a lot.

  38. Purrfect is a great concept game along with Foxy Dynamite. Sultan of Mars is also a great game. Games and graphics are just like the ones at the casino, that’s what’s so great about H5C! While I have only had to contact customer service twice, the experience was pleasurable. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more exciting REAL CASINO GAMES.

  39. Am going to play Island Eyes and White Falls. I would sure love to win a notebook as mine do not work well with the games. It freezes and I loose my bonus and coins. Thanks in advance.

  40. I love Oceans Glory and White Falls. I would like to win a notebook too!! 🙂
    Thanks for all the great games.

  41. Have a warm and breezy summer…I just pulled a Million Spin (1,204,800) on a 4,800 bet in DaVinci’s Secrets…Nice start to a High5 Vacation…Pax…Max…TOH

  42. I’m still enjoying “Love and Valor” and “Golden Knight” at the moment. “Ocean’s Glory” is fun too. I’m playing a lot of “Prince Nezha” over at STS.

  43. My games of choice is White Falls, Wild Rodeo and Ocean Glory. don’t win much but i still love to play High 5 games regardless. Yes, I am very much addicted to High 5.

  44. I don’t know what I’m going to play. I love to play Gypsy but not had any luck since it now a high limit game.

  45. Hi High5, Love your site! Most real slots. I love playing Secrets Of the Forrest, by far my favorite. I have won lots and lose more. Cant seem to keep money in my bank, I have tried all that at available to me. But have my fav’s. I wish Golden Knight would be a lower limit I lose all when I play, cause I can’t stop when I start.

  46. Aww I Love Playing All Your Games, They Give Me A Thrill With Every Spin, But For Now I Am Going To Relax Playing “Liger Loot” So I Can Dream Of It Beeing Reel Cash With Every Win And Thanking H5G For The Opportunity To Bring Such Fun And Excitement Into My Home!!! Such Pleasure!!! TY So Much.. 🙂

  47. I love all your games but I’m drawn to the scatter bucks games. I seem to do better on them! I would LOVE to win a notebook as I am always posting positive remarks on all H5C posts when most people are complaining! I try to gently remind them that it’s just a game and there will be ups and downs.

  48. My favorite game is Golden Knight and my name is Desirae Schoettler e-mail. I hope I win that would be awesome. Thanks for making amazing and fun games to play. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

  49. Hey High 5 I am going to play Island Eyes first then probably She Wolf. I love the Dogs game as well. I am Linda Simmons Keeling and e=mail is

  50. Enjoy most all of them at different times. Ocean’s Glory is a fav. Let the good times roll…. or spin.

  51. Island Eyes and Oceans Glory! Island! Island because her mysterious eyes and smile intrique you to bet and Oceans Glory wonderful graphics of the sea make spinning an adventure.

  52. I Love seeing your games when I play in Laughlin Neveda. I am hoping they have even more when I go later this summer! It is hard to Pick a favorite game as I love so many of them! 🙂 I would Love to win a notebook. 🙂

  53. Best Casino App Ever! I have been focusing on leveling up all my games to level 100. My wife has at least 8 already passed level 100. She bought a bunch of credits at the 2x she had fun this weekend! Today I’m working on either Birds of Wonder or Golden Knight!!

  54. Geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz You sure to make it difficult to post a comment.
    Go here. Go there. What game to you intend to play. Post a comment here. Where??? I give up.

  55. probably going to try some Sultan of Mars first to see if I can win some money, and then maybe white falls…depends on how long I can play.. 🙂

  56. i love high five, i had a stroke then major heart attack, you give me something to look forward every day, i live to play, get so excited when i win lotsa points, dont win every day but try hard too…. i love all the games, they are my friends.. just had my 71 st bday.. would love to win a notebook, my netbooks worn out

  57. Like so many, I love the scatter bucks – but my thrill is to play the game for the first time & run up my levels & playing cash! I got a wonderful surprise playing Love & Valor. At a bet of $1000.00 in only 2 spins I won big bucks & went right up to level 26. That was a hot run! Perfect has become another fave & Golden Peonie in STS.

  58. Y’all do a fine job. I’m a fan though do leave now and then when the luck isn’t with me. Keep up the good work and don’t let the complainers get to you.

  59. lady hope is the best, and it would be even better on a brand new Notebppk.

  60. I think you are the best casino ever. I love the games with scatter bucks. Golden Knight, Lady of Hope, Tall, Rich and Handsome to name a few. I wonder if you will ever put out games that are dual play. I love those. I also like games like More Hearts and Sun and the Moon. I play every day until I run out of credits or I have to go somewhere. You are the best! Thank you!

  61. High 5 is the absolute best casino. I LOVE White Falls, my largest win ever was $750,000.000. I would love a notebook, its hard to play on an android phone through the browser not many games will load.

  62. I play not only your games here on Face book and I play on Casino floors as well. My favorite game by far is White falls..I win every time with that game both virtual and real play! Keep the games coming!

  63. I am going to play Wellspring and Foxy Dynamite. I love your Casino!!! Since I have been playing at your Casino since it opened I don’t need to go to my local Casino anymore. I get my slot fix at High 5. You have made so many improvements lately. High 5 Casino is the very best Casino!!!

  64. Love High 5 and play every day. Favorite games are Hoot Loot and Liger Loot. Thanks for all the fun!!!

  65. I’ve played Legends of Troy and The Amulet and The Charm so far today. After reading this blog post, I’m thinking White Falls and Golden Odyssey will be up next. I played Emerald Eyes yesterday, but I might give it a go again later today.

    JaCaria Williams

  66. This is my favorite place to play games at…I love them all and have no real favorites.
    Jackie Preas
    jackie241 AT hotmail DOT com

  67. I love the oba, but getting to like sultan….I hit a few different ones everyday…

  68. love the scatter buck games but really do love them all could use more coins but hey im patient lol

  69. Love playing Amulet and Charm and Ancient Gardens – like all the games and especially seeing them when I go to the casino

  70. I enjoy playing High 5 and look for these games at the Casino’s I frequent : WinStar in OK and Horseshoe in Bossier City! Having a Notebook will allow me continuous play when I take a break from gaming on the casino floor to my room. Lol!

  71. My favorite this week is Love and Valor, and Tall Rich and Handsome. Don’t know what I would do without High 5. The other casino games on FaceBook to not compare!Dawn.Fischer – email:

  72. I will be playing Tall, Rich & Handsome, Sultan of Mars, and Love and Valor, I’ve been doing really well on these three games. Thank you for making these and I’m hoping to win a HI5 notebook.

  73. Majestic Seas, Oceans Glory, and Pearl Bay. Ready for summer. Need a gardening game with backyard crops !!!

  74. love your games, very exciting and fun, i even play them at the casino in real life. Cant wait to level up and unlock new games. Thank you guys for all the hard work. time and effort you put in to making your games more fun than other casino games i have played. Keep up the great work. Looking foward to being choosen to recieve a notebook…………… :). everyone should be thankful for what they do have instead of complain for what they dont have. Have a blessed day! Keep up the great work guys at H5C. love you guys…..

  75. I’m gonna play them all, how dare all you others only chose to play one h5g is the only slots out there well that and shake the sky casino. and I will play all of them as well why u ask cause im a true high 5 casino gamer
    nick rodeman

  76. I am addicted to High 5 Casino. When I am home, I play all day. This doesn’t help clean my apartment. lol First I start out with Witches Riches, my favorite. Then I move on to Hoot Loot, Love U, Night of Mystery, Kiss of the Rose, Soaring Wings, Oodles of Poodles, Liger Loot, Jewels of India, and many more. For some reason, I only play The Amulet and the Charm, Golden Knight and Foxy Dynamite at night. Some days I play from the moment I get up until 2:00 or 3:00 am.

  77. I love playing H5C, just wish it was available on android. However, an H5C Notebook would be the perfect option. Favorite game right now is Kiss of the Rose.

  78. i love all the games play till i am a loser and wait to collect free points and spins and back in business. wonderful crew at high 5. maybe i might win a note book.

  79. Enjoy anything with tumbling reels. They seem to rack up wins best!

  80. Me gustan todos.Juego Golden Odyssey.Gracias por vuestros juegos,son muy entretenidos.

  81. How can one choose??!! Gypsy. Then Golden Knight. Then love U and then Cabaret Nights.
    What great games you guys! Keep on the good work!

  82. I am going to play all the one’s that are listed that I haven’t gotten to level 100 (that is my goal for all my games) and I would love to win a H5C notebook so I can write down all my WONDERFUL days and nights playing H5C because they are like going to the casino 🙂

  83. My favorite games are Wild Rodeo and Jazz, but love all the games at H5C. I went to the casino this weekend where they just got Shadow Diamond in. It was a lot of fun to play. This is the reason i love these game so much, as they are real slots you can play at a casino. The art and graphics are excellent and i love level progression on the games and your level. It’s a great concept and all those are reasons i keep coming back everyday.

    H5C is the only game i spend money on facebook anymore. I use to with other casino’s, but after playing H5C i really could care less about the others. Keep the games coming H5C!

  84. Love playing all the games, hard to list a favorite! Would love a notebook, so I could play all the time. I am your most loyal player!!

  85. I enjoy everyone of your games! They are very entertaining! I rank them the highest of the games on facebook.They are well made and the graphics are beautiful! Love, love love playing these games. Can’t wait to for release of the new games. Waiting patiently (at least trying) ! Thanks for the fun times! I would also love to win the H5C notebook so I could play on the go!!!!

  86. Island Eyes is one of my favorites! And, I agree with you about the heat. I am a winter person through and through!!!

  87. Vidalis Seasons, Dangerous Beauties, & The Dream are my favorites I play them all the time.

  88. I love summer and the hotter the better . Been a long cold winter. I would live wher it’s hot all the time if I could. I love high five casino though I lose a lot . And I’ve been playing a lot since our plant shut down and we don’t know if it’s going to open up again. But I love all the games can’t wait till rev it up is released . Good luck to everyone and happy slots !
    PS I would love to win a note book! Thank you high five casino!

  89. I’ll probably play Ravishing Beauties and Oceans glory for a while before work today. and prob a few more on my breaks. Lol LOVE THEM ALL!!
    HIGH 5 IS MY FAV!!!

  90. Fun Fun! Love all the Games. I am thinking of Playing – Ancient Arcadia (Scatter Bucks are my Favorite!) Maybe some Valykyrie, Thundering Buffalo and if I can get my balance high enough – Love and Valor & Wellspring. Off I go to collect my Bonus! Have a great day!

  91. i am going to play Oceans glory and hopefully the coins will last to play more,

  92. I am every impressed with your game! The designers and programmers had done and excellent job with this game that I am ranking it #1 in my slot games! You all have a winner here! Can wait for the future improvements that you all are planning and coming up with. I am. Die hard H5C player!! Thanks for the best graphics and realistic slots gameplay for computers and mobile platform! I would love to win a H5C notebook to play your slots on too!!

  93. I don’t usually read game site blogs, but found some interesting tips on playing White Falls, so I’ll be going back to try it again. Also, would love to win an H5G Notebook to play on.

  94. My favorite is still Hoot Loot…. I enjoy the graphics…. thanks……

  95. My favorite is White Falls . Would love a notebook. Just had neck surgery so that would actually enable me to play more right now.

  96. she wold night wolf and maybe ill even get a bonus on ravishing beauties

  97. I’ve only been playing H5C for about 2 weeks or so, thanks to my husband. And it’s official: THE BEST CASINO, EVER!! Thank you, High 5 and thank you, Clayton Craig for introducing me! Oh, yeah, and a notebook would be great!

  98. i’ll play Oceans Glory, i collect my coins to play longer, and i like to bring my games evenly to get more bonuses so i play the lowest levels so that they can get higher for more bonuses, eventually i want to reach as faras i can go everytime i play, i love H5C games, tyty, if i can enter i don’t know , you will see when you see my details but a H5C notebook, just wow!! would be awesome!! thank you for your patience!! tyty!!

  99. I am trying to get all the games up to level 201 I have several up to level 800+ I am working on Wellspring now it is up to level 214 and it is a favorite. I am a loyal player at player level 417 and would love to win a notebook. Jerry Lawson

  100. Love High 5 Casino..Okay everyday all day till I run out of money

  101. My favorites are Gypsy, Wild Buffalo, Golden Odyssee and Wellspring. For me a Notebook would be awesome. I lost a computer in a fire, now I got an older one and it doesn’t perform as well as it could, but I am not complaining.
    Thank you very much for considering!

  102. I LOVE Witches Riches, The Dream & White Falls those are my favorite to play!

  103. Love all the games but love, love Birds! Each one has its own refreshing excitement to it! I’ve been here almost from the beginning of High 5, so a high 5 to High 5! Would love to have a notebook! 🙂

  104. I, again, one of the biggest fans of your games…will be playing Kiss of the Rose and the new Wellspring game…both being two of my most favorite games……having several accounts..I will also be playing Birds of Wonder and Cave King maybe even Charelston and Figaro depending on my winnings. I will be playing 4 different times today, each one being when my free coins drop….UNLESS ofcourse i hit it big in one of those games ive mentioned, in which case…i will be playing all day only stopping for a snack and a bathroom break….I LOVE HIGH5

  105. High 5 is my favorite gaming sight makes me feel like I am in a real casino.

  106. I’m sure I’ll play Ooodles of Poodles, Purrfect, Birds of Wonder and several others, I’m hoping to get some new ones open, especially Dogs, Desert Rose & Lucky Horse. I desperately need a notebook. I’m disabled and on a fixed income so it would be absolutely amazing for me to win one!!!

  107. High 5 and Shake the Sky are my favorite casinos to play at. Actually the only ones I play. None of the other casinos can hold my attention long enough and I get very bored with them, but with High 5 and STS I literally play for hours and never get bored. I need a new notebook and what could be better than a High 5 notebook?! Keep the great Games coming and have a great summer!!!

  108. Still digging the newly released games. Love and Valor and Wellspring!

  109. Lately I’ve been playing Wellspring, all of the H5C games are quite addictive! My favorite game is Figaro with Sirens being a close second. H5C is a great way to pass the time and have a little free fun! Would love to receive on of the notebooks. Thanks for the opportunity.

  110. I am addicted to all High5 games. It is so sad, but I stalk my computer waiting for my time to collect my bonus and spins. I would love a notebook, please and thank you. My email address is

  111. I like Pasion Y Fuego for its unique gameplay, and Jazz for the music and graphics.

  112. I don’t have a fave I love them all. So addicted I play daily. Leveled up pretty well on all of them. Would love a notebook!

  113. I love most of the games at H5. I try to level up to !00 as they come up but not always easy on some of the games.

  114. Golden knight is still one of my favorites but I am also enjoying the new high limit games

  115. I love The Empress game. Actually I love playing all the High Stakes games!

  116. I’ve deleted all other casinos from my Facebook profile…mainly because they get so boring! But never with High 5 slots….they are always the best. You have to work harder to stay in the game, but it’s more satisfying! I love the beautiful graphics, and can’t wait to unlock the new games when they come out. I would love to have a H5G notebook! 🙂

  117. Love Lucky Horse, Charleston, Figaro, and White Falls! Let’s do more of those!!!

  118. Kiss of the Rose, Sultan of Mars and Dream Beauty are games I’m having some luck with at the moment.

  119. Ocean’s Glory, Love and Valor, Dream Beauty (I love that game!!)…and whichever one my fingers click on…so many great games!

  120. I like playing any of them! I get tired of one, I go to another one! This is my favorite casino game!!!

  121. I got up at 4 AM this morning to play “love and valor” also to play “Golden Odyssey”, then took my sister to the doctor now taking my aunt to the doctor and will play more this afternoon love high 5

  122. I am going to play as I usually do and that is play a little on each slot GREAT SITES H5G and STS….

  123. I am going to play all the games. Looking forward to the next release.

  124. Love all these game..I found oceans Glory in our Local casino the other day. WHAT A TREAT!!!!! I do love that these are REAL GAMES you can find in Casinos..

  125. Daughters of the Regiment, Amulet, and Golden Knight are the ones I am playing today!

  126. White Falls, Madame Monarch, and Wellspring. All are Summer themed games. I love all the games at H5C. 🙂

  127. I love playing all of them, but at the moment, sitting on any island would be wonderful!

  128. love Island eyes and Golden Odyssey… all the games are great to play

  129. Going to play whatever game it tells me to 🙂 I use the free spins on the main page, and when it hit with a game, then I play that one. Supersticious I know, but I swear it works.

  130. Love my Golden Knight and Amulet and the Charm… Trying to get all of them over 100, but it takes time.

  131. I love The wide variety of games. Don’t like that one, get another. My husband and I love being to show off what we have each unlocked. Hey I got that one, oh yeh? I got this one. Keep it up.

  132. Love all your games !! I am sitting outside in the summer sun playing them on my iPad !!!! ❤

  133. I think I’m going to play Island Eyes…Reminds me of a tropical day on the Islands. I might even play White Falls. Actually, there are so many great games, that I’ll probably play a lot more than that. Whether it’s on my couch, on my patio, or on vacation sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying the sunshine. Happy summer to everyone at High 5 Games. 🙂

  134. I’ve already played Amulet & The Charm, Golden Knight, Love & Valor…..heading over now to play some more Amulet 🙂

  135. Love everyone of your gamees !!! Sitting outside right now with my iPad aging in the summer sun!!! ❤

  136. I love waterfalls!!! So I’m heading there for a cool mist of mega wins!!! Thank you for all the fun in the sun!!!

  137. I love Ocean’s Glory but, Madame Monarch is my favorite I got my biggest win ever on it.

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