Fun Summer Games at High 5 Casino

Here at the NYC HQ of High 5 Games, for better or worse, it finally feels like summer. For me, that’s mostly for the worse. I’m not looking forward to three or four months of sunburns that turn into farmer’s tans, or to constantly feeling sweaty and sticky. A quick glance at my phone – which can tell temperature more reliably than it can send text messages or receive calls – reveals it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit today, and it’s only going to get hotter. Don’t get me wrong though; there are plenty of things to like about summer. High 5 Casino has lots of games with a summery feel. If you’re looking to beat the heat while still having fun, check out these awesome H5C summer slots:

Island Eyes

Sparkling like emeralds from the shadows, her eyes will captivate you. Set forth on an adventure to find true love, hidden treasures… and unlock the secret of her Island Eyes. Island Eyes features Super Stacks, which lead to spectacular wins. Plus, you can pretend like you’re vacationing on a beautiful, warm island! Wherever you are currently, you’d probably rather be on an island. If you’re currently reading this from an island, I hate you.

Ocean’s Glory

Ocean’s Glory is a magical escape into the deep blue sea. Leave land behind and head out on an aquatic adventure that will leave you breathless after big wins with Super Symbols. Frolicking dolphins, magnificent whales, and other mesmerizing sea creatures will guide you as you explore the untold wonders waiting for you in the depths of the ocean – go find them! And try to avoid those annoying stinging jellyfish.

Golden Odyssey

Summer is definitely the best time to embark on an odyssey; you don’t want to be tripping around the world in bad weather (just ask Odysseus). Golden Odyssey lets you experience an epic tale of loyalty and temptation in the wake of the Trojan War. Greek heroes, the gods of Mount Olympus, and the mythological Cyclops await you. Do you have the strength to complete your journey home, or will you be seduced ashore by the Sirens and their lovely songs? Come aboard the ship and find out. Even if you don’t have what it takes, you can still win big with Tumbling Reels, Split Symbols, and Stacked Wilds.

White Falls

Let the good times rain down upon you. White Falls depicts a fascinating and serene atmosphere for players looking to escape the commotion of ordinary life. With a dazzling heroine, stunning graphics, and rewarding features like Stacked Wilds, Connected Lines, and Horizontal Expanding Wilds, you can definitely let loose and have fun with this slot.

What games are you going to play at High 5 Casino today? Comment on this post and you could win a High 5 Games notebook to write your hopes and dreams of big wins in! Maybe we’ll even throw in an H5G pen or tote bag, too. Be sure to include your name and email in your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Celebrate summer at High 5 Casino.


287 thoughts on “Fun Summer Games at High 5 Casino

  1. Ocean’s Glory, Love and Valor, Dream Beauty (I love that game!!)…and whichever one my fingers click on…so many great games!

  2. Kiss of the Rose, Sultan of Mars and Dream Beauty are games I’m having some luck with at the moment.

  3. I’ve deleted all other casinos from my Facebook profile…mainly because they get so boring! But never with High 5 slots….they are always the best. You have to work harder to stay in the game, but it’s more satisfying! I love the beautiful graphics, and can’t wait to unlock the new games when they come out. I would love to have a H5G notebook! 🙂

  4. I love most of the games at H5. I try to level up to !00 as they come up but not always easy on some of the games.

  5. I don’t have a fave I love them all. So addicted I play daily. Leveled up pretty well on all of them. Would love a notebook!

  6. I am addicted to all High5 games. It is so sad, but I stalk my computer waiting for my time to collect my bonus and spins. I would love a notebook, please and thank you. My email address is

  7. Lately I’ve been playing Wellspring, all of the H5C games are quite addictive! My favorite game is Figaro with Sirens being a close second. H5C is a great way to pass the time and have a little free fun! Would love to receive on of the notebooks. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. High 5 and Shake the Sky are my favorite casinos to play at. Actually the only ones I play. None of the other casinos can hold my attention long enough and I get very bored with them, but with High 5 and STS I literally play for hours and never get bored. I need a new notebook and what could be better than a High 5 notebook?! Keep the great Games coming and have a great summer!!!

  9. I’m sure I’ll play Ooodles of Poodles, Purrfect, Birds of Wonder and several others, I’m hoping to get some new ones open, especially Dogs, Desert Rose & Lucky Horse. I desperately need a notebook. I’m disabled and on a fixed income so it would be absolutely amazing for me to win one!!!

  10. I, again, one of the biggest fans of your games…will be playing Kiss of the Rose and the new Wellspring game…both being two of my most favorite games……having several accounts..I will also be playing Birds of Wonder and Cave King maybe even Charelston and Figaro depending on my winnings. I will be playing 4 different times today, each one being when my free coins drop….UNLESS ofcourse i hit it big in one of those games ive mentioned, in which case…i will be playing all day only stopping for a snack and a bathroom break….I LOVE HIGH5

  11. Love all the games but love, love Birds! Each one has its own refreshing excitement to it! I’ve been here almost from the beginning of High 5, so a high 5 to High 5! Would love to have a notebook! 🙂

  12. My favorites are Gypsy, Wild Buffalo, Golden Odyssee and Wellspring. For me a Notebook would be awesome. I lost a computer in a fire, now I got an older one and it doesn’t perform as well as it could, but I am not complaining.
    Thank you very much for considering!

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