Shaking Things Up at Shake the Sky Casino

This post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

If you logged onto Shake the Sky Casino today and thought that maybe things looked a little different, you’re right! And change is good!

Here’s what you need to know about the new upgrades and changes at STS:

• All games are unlocked! You’ll notice there are no longer game icons on the lobby slot reels, and that’s because you no longer need to unlock games!
• Games are tiered based on minimum bet requirements. Slots are now grouped into three tiers! Be a High Roller and take a chance on the Silver or Gold games for the best STS payouts ever, or play it safe with Bronze games!
• Your bankroll became really big over night! But that’s not all – your rewards, bonuses, and coin store values have all increased as well. You can now make big bets for BIG payouts!

We hope you enjoy the new Shake the Sky Casino, and playing all the games that are now unlocked and available! Let us know what your favorite change is below in the comments section.

13 thoughts on “Shaking Things Up at Shake the Sky Casino

  1. Hey Cindy, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.Are you still unable to load High 5 Casino on your iPad? If you still have difficulty, please try restarting your app and see if it helps. Thank you for your help!

  2. Both shake the sky and high five casino are both froze on my ipad & won’t open

  3. All the time your developers to to revamp the site they overlooked the most obvious and that was fixing the sticky reels, constant loading issues and games freezing which is why I deleted the app today after an hour of dealing with all of these issues.

  4. Love your games on both High 5 and Shake the sky.

    Thanks for hours of fun.

  5. would it be possible to transfer credits from Shake the Sky to High 5. I enjoy playing both but have less credits in High 5 and more in Shake the sky. That would be great.

  6. Like a few of my friends playing shake the sky who got the trillion coins, I am one that did not, why is this?

  7. I like the new games but am not happy with all games being high roller. I wish you could choose to play each and every game as regular or high roller. Not be forced to play all games high roller.

  8. Why did you have to “fix” something that wasn’t broken? I am very disappointed you have made it impossible for players other than high rollers. Shame! PLEASE LEAVE HIGH 5 ALONE!!!

  9. Thank you so cub for your generous coins…. I am getting a bit confused switching between High 5 Games and shake the Sky games now that the values have changed. Would it be possible to align both currency vAlues the same please? I do love all the games on both sites. My favourites are
    Night Jasmine and Valkyrie Queen

  10. I was surprised at the changes, but disappointed when it took away over $800,000 on a first spin. What happened? I am now down to 16,000.

  11. I didn’t get any mega bonus over night!! two punches at lowest level bankroll gone.friend says she got 5 million..I am at a higher level and didn’t getany thing to notice ..oh ya 100,000 like that will last really upset why say mega bonus if only select random few got it. Please leave High Five alone…you can actually have fun are you suppose to know which games are Bronze??? Very disappointed!!

  12. shake the sky seems to be for another market non U.S. love HIGH 5 by far the best on face book and the internet good games realistic wins and losses like the casino.keep it fresh by adding new games like you always do.great job you are number #1.

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