Game Spotlight: Rev It Up

While you were off barbequing and swimming and generally enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend, dedicated members of the High 5 Games team were preparing High 5 Casino for yet another amazing game. Their hard work pays off today: Rev It Up is now available and unlocked for all players at High 5 Casino!

Rev It Up is a slot game for those who like to live in the fast lane. It’s Friday night, and the city is filled with beautiful cars and even more beautiful women. Pick your ride and driver of choice, and then try to win one of the high-octane races you discover. Super Stacks and the Hi-Lo Stacks Bonus help you speed towards big wins!

I especially like playing Rev It Up because in real life I don’t get to drive often, and when I do drive I’m typically behind the wheel of a rust-colored ’93 Corolla. We’re talking probably four cylinders, maybe 15 horsepower here. It looks more like a dinky go-kart than something that should be allowed on the highway. I often lose accidental street races to riding lawnmowers and middle-aged people on Segways. If I challenged any of the sweet cars in Rev It Up to a race, my poor little Corolla would probably break down in fear before I could even put my foot on the gas pedal.

What do you think of Rev It Up? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Rev It Up at High 5 Casino.

10 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Rev It Up

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  5. You asked what game theme…Well how about something for the Mustang. Wild horses are fun, historical, inspirational. Plus they are colorful. Just a thought.

  6. While the theme may be okay in Rev it Up it is a poor thought out game in as much as the wheels spins. Minimal hits. Those are my thoughts

  7. Has anyone had a problem on iPad with it locking up with the high5casino after buying chips .mineis locked and can’t play but my chips are still in place.

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