Game Preview: Dragons of Avalon

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

Dragons of Avalon releases later this week at Shake the Sky Casino!

Players that enjoy fantasy and adventure will love Dragons of Avalon. This game is packed with exotic, flying, fire-breathing creatures!

The Dragons of Avalon were supposed to just be a myth. An old wives’ tale told to frighten little children. Yet when Avalon comes under attack, ancient eggs thought to be dead begin to crack, and enormous wings begin to appear on the horizon. Are the Dragons of Avalon enough to save the land from a deadly invasion?

Dragons of Avalon features Locking Wilds and the Bonus Mega Multiplier. In the free games bonus round, players start out with a 10x multiplier for all their wins. For every ‘+1 Multiplier’ symbol awarded in the bonus round, the multiplier symbol increases accordingly. Combine that with the fact that any wilds lock into place for the duration of the free games, and you’ve got an incredibly rewarding bonus round!

Be sure to check out Dragons of Avalon once it releases at Shake the Sky later this week!

5 thoughts on “Game Preview: Dragons of Avalon

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  2. I love this game! I kind of wish it were on High Five and not a high limit game so I could indulge what is becoming an addiction. The story is there –hurray! Anyone who loves the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey should have a great homecoming; not to mention the nod to The Game of Thrones. The graphics are breathtaking. The game play can be uneven but if you bet carefully, you can win a stack. Kudos to all involved. Please, more like this one with story, complexity and the possibility of great wins.

  3. Enjoy this new game, very entertaining, especially the bonus rounds. I’m just curious but did the inspiration for Dragons Of Avalon come from “Game Of Thrones”? There are some similarities, for instance, blonde Khaleesi is “Mother of Dragons” and walks around with the dragons on her shoulder as does the blonde female character in the game.

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