Game Spotlight: Desert Rose

The premium game library at High 5 Casino just keeps growing and growing: Desert Rose is now available and unlocked for all players! Don’t worry about trying your luck at the H5C lobby slot in order to play Desert Rose; all you have to do this week to have a shot at winning big on our latest game is open up High 5 Casino! In addition to unlocking Desert Rose for all players, we’ve also graduated The Amulet and the Charm to a High Limit game. As a reminder, High Limit games are unlocked for all players, and they do not have a player-level based maximum bet limit, so High 5-ers at all player levels can score some massive jackpots!

Our latest game takes players to a beautiful oasis in the middle of a vast, unforgiving desert. Desperate travelers, certain of their impending death, stumble upon this miraculous encampment where they can relax and recover before continuing their dangerous travels. Filled with luxuries and wealth not seen for hundreds of miles in any direction, it truly is one of a kind. Rest up at the Desert Rose, for the path ahead is long and uncertain…

Like all slots from High 5 Games, Desert Rose has exciting gameplay features to back up its top-notch art design. Super Stacks and Split Symbols create unbelievable wins in this amazing sanctuary!

What do you think of Desert Rose? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Desert Rose at High 5 Casino.

37 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Desert Rose

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  3. I couldn’t agree more. The advantage of playing H5 and Shake is that are affordable fun. The challenge always being to increase levels. Now all those incentives have been virtually killed off unless the consumer is prepared to pay a reasonable amount of money. If Im going to be forking out that sort of money then I may as well be gambling for real where I at least get the opportunity of a real return. Im so sad that these changes have occurred and I think its a big mistake.

  4. Who made the decision to cut out the spins to every 5 levels? Dumb move!! You are losing players by the hundreds, if not thousands. I hope that you will wake up and fire the dumb ass who decided this was “good” and the players wanted it! Wake up or you will not have any players!

  5. I simply cant believe how the changes that have been made to H5 and Shake have really desecrated the whole experience. They were games that I could play, with the gaming experience, less the expense. Now its being so plumped up, its really no different to compelling the consumer to buy, buy and buy credits to keep feeding the game. I think this is a huge mistake. People that choose to play these games do so with the knowledge that they are having fun without the expense involved in legitimate gambling. There are many legit gambling sites out there that will allow a consumer to play countless games free. I think the concept of being able to attain levels is really the winning formulae for these particular games. Now that it has been virtually removed to make it so difficult to achieve levels it has really killed the whole experience. Im so disappointed.

  6. I find your lessening of free spins to earn in leveling really a big turn off. Where i used to earn 5 for leveling i earned one. for individual game leveling where i used to earn one free spin upon leveling up, it is either zero or 1 not the 2 earned for level 19 or above. what gives. many of us are upset and many of us will cease playing. it is for amusement and your competition is great so, on to the next if this reduction of free spins EARNED is not fixed. not fun like it used to be even a few days ago. Stop reinventing the wheel. just concentrate on bringing new games, not lessening the rewards.

  7. Played Desest Rose and did not get free spins when a game level was complete. Went to other games and the same thing, what’s up with this???
    Another game I would like to see is Mystical Fortunes, it is a different format and it is fun to play at the casino

  8. I am a level 119 player and Desert Rose did not unlock for me. When I open the casino app, it says the game is unlocked, but when I scroll over to it, the game is still locked.

  9. thankyou for the game, when i got my 25 spins i got the paddalocks and it unlocked it again..too weird.. seems if there are no unlocked games left we should get points at least

  10. Like the game but for some reason it is not giving free spins when you reach a new player level.

  11. I received hardly any of the free spins I was due on Desert Rose and I hit almost a complete screen of double Desert Rose’s, betting 1000.00, and it paid out 2,200.00. Sometimes it would pay out and the big hits it didn’t.

  12. I like the game, however, I’ve already reached level 15 and only received two of the free spins you receive when going up in the game status. Not good!

  13. New Game Desert Rose does NOT award spins. I went to level 14 – received only 2 spins. So much for that game. This is not even an ODDS issue!

  14. I just played Desert Rose.Love the game.But was not very happy when i leveled up to fifty and only got nine free spins,is this a glich or what.

  15. Thank you for the information on new games and the explanation on the high limit games, but why did you leave out the part on the changes to leveling up free spins?

  16. I played Dessert Rose this morning and got up to Level 40 but only had 9 spins coming. What happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you got 2 spins bonus for every level. Very disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I played it. lost all my coins. It also didn’t give me the usual free spins when I went up a level. I ended up with only 6.

  18. In the game Desert Rose, information in the pay table is not correct. It lists the symbol Desert Rose as being the one to initiate free games when in fact it should read that the symbol Free Games triggers the free game bonus.

  19. why does desert rose now give free spin when raising game level I went to game level 36 and just got 7 free spins. but like the game as well as all the resr

  20. I am not getting my spins as I level up. Is there a glitch in this game already?

  21. had to win desert rose this morning then in 50 levels did not have one bonus and only got 11 free spins out of it should have been 100

  22. I think I have the concept,with less free spends,the unlocks and jewels pay more coins.

  23. how come we are getting less free spins when we level up on each game now i want to know i just unlocked a game liger loot and leveled up to 21 and only got 5 spins in the lobby that’s not right

  24. It’s not giving out free spins.. I got to level 22 and only got 4 spins free.. Same with all the games.. I want my free spins….

  25. Why do we not get the normal amount of free spins in Desert Rose? Also very few free games. It took until over level 40 to get any free games and only one free spin for five levels.

  26. Having played Desert Rose to game level 42 I have noticed two things
    1. The number of free spins awarded for climbing game level and player level has been reduced to 1/5 the previous level
    2. The wins require to move from one player level to the next has obviously been increased by a huge amount.
    As a level 156 player I would call myself a regular loyal player but if these two items detract from the gameplay of your first rate games then there is little hope of keeping me playing on your site for much longer

  27. We are not receiving our free spins when leveling up. I am at level 39 and I had only had 4 free spins. Are you changing like STS did? And I noticed there are jewels instead of the faces of the games.

  28. Have y’all changed the way we get free spins when playing? Because I am playing Desert Rose and I am only getting free spins for every 10 levels. Please let me know what is going on Thank you

  29. I played this game this morning and did not get free spins when my level went up. whats up with that. I quite playing it. didn’t win much ..spent 8000 and only got to level 13 and 1 free spin.,

  30. I really love this casino it’s almost the only game I play on Facebook.but I do have one small complaint by turning the games into hi limit only it makes it hard for those who don’t have enough money to play a thousand dollars or more a spin. an example is my best friend her favorite game was gypsy however she only gets 300 something for her bonus so now she can’t play it it’s frustrating her to point she’s almost given up on playing high
    5 at all.

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