The Most Monumental May Statistics from Shake the Sky


Big Dragon Lounge was the most popular Shake the Sky game in May! You guys must really love our new STS releases, because you played for 845,607 hours last month, which is the equivalent of playing for 35,233 days … or 96.5 years! WOW.

Check out May’s Shake the Sky Casino stats:

Total spins for the month: 500,691,423
Number of spins per day: 16,151,336
Top 5 most-played games: Big Dragon Lounge, Islands of Galapagos, Prince Nezha, Enchanted Beauty, and Dragon’s Blessing.
Cumulative hours spent playing: 845,607

See what all the fuss is about at Shake the Sky Casino!

1 thought on “The Most Monumental May Statistics from Shake the Sky

  1. How come we can only place the first 6 or 8 games. All the rest of the games are bets of 20000 or up into the millions per bet. There is now way that a person can get to the other games. Why not like high 5 and that way we could play the rest of the games. I am not the only one that is hollering about this. Other players are also hollering
    Jhon H. Estes

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