Slot Fundamentals: Mystery Bucks

Slot Fundamentals is a column we run occasionally to help our players better understand how our games work. This edition deals with Mystery Bucks, a popular feature that can be found in some of our newer games.

When Tumbling Reels debuted, High 5 Games knew it had an innovative and soon-to-be popular feature on its hands. But the company was not content to simply churn out games with the same feature, and resolved to improve upon Tumbling Reels, a goal it achieved when Mystery Bucks premiered. How exactly do Mystery Bucks work?

Mystery Bucks are activated by paying an additional side bet when playing all lines. When Mystery Bucks are active, each symbol that explodes as part of the Tumbling Reels feature has a chance to reveal an additional credit value, the sum of which is put directly into players’ pockets! This makes for extremely exciting gameplay, because players have two features working in tandem that can lead to multiple hits per spin. Look for Mystery Bucks in High 5 Casino game Foxy Dynamite, and Shake the Sky Casino game Tall, Rich and Handsome.

We hope you found that helpful! Which slot fundamental would you like to see us explain in the future?

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7 thoughts on “Slot Fundamentals: Mystery Bucks

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  5. thanks, I don’t understand how to place the side bet. Is it done automatically?? Or do you have to consciously place the side bet and where do you place it. thanks Love your casinos!!

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