Game Spotlight: Dr. Amante

The temperature here in New York City just keeps going up and up, and so does the game library at High 5 Casino: Dr. Amante debuts unlocked today for all players! This time around, you can play the newest slot at High 5 Casino right off the bat, without having to wait for a visit from Lady Luck. Where else can you find 90+ premium, authentic slots on Facebook but High 5 Casino? Nowhere!

Dr. Amante is the best plastic surgeon in town. People wait for months to see him, and they never leave his office disappointed. With his good looks, wealth, and dream job, it seems like he has it all. But there’s one thing missing, and that’s someone to share it with. There are three women competing for his love; who will win his heart and all the spoils that go with it? Split Symbols lead to mega jackpots as you wait to find out!

What do you think of Dr. Amante? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play Dr. Amante at High 5 Casino.

12 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Dr. Amante

  1. very tight on wins. The bonus of 10 free spins awarded zero points. That has never happened to me on high 5. Don’t like it, will wait for the next one.

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