Game Spotlight: La Torera Roja

With every passing week High 5 Casino is inching closer and closer to the 100-game mark! This week’s addition to the portfolio is La Torera Roja, which debuts today unlocked as the latest High Limit game at H5C.

La Torera Roja, they call her. The finest bullfighter in all the land, she is revered for her quickness, her daring, her style – skills that have been passed down from her ancestors, all steeped in the tradition. When she steps into the ring, toe to toe with a massive, elegant beast, it is impossible to avert your eyes. Come see for yourself what countless other have already witnessed – La Torera Roja! Independent Reels, both paylines and ways, and a retriggerable bonus round let you grab big wins by the horns in the latest slot from High 5 Games!

What do you think of La Torera Roja? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Play La Torera Roja at High 5 Casino.

9 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: La Torera Roja

  1. I love la torera roja! I was playing it and could not believe that I got the bonus, and then it retriggered. it was so much fun watching the different combinations come up. good graphics and I really like the shadowing from the bright sun.

  2. Ya know these are games people. Sometimes the slots are not your friends at Casinos or online. If you don’t like them don’t play them! I go up and I go down, that’s slots for ya…right? I love H5 either way and I tell all my friends.

  3. I wish you would match the “Sky’s the limit” bonus spins dollars at least then more people could play longer on the high limit games. More of the drop games would be good too!

  4. Just before 7 am PST….I sat down after working all night….to play, saw you opened a new game…MY PLAYER LEVEL IS 160….I thought, it touched with my mouse pointer, the area to see the winning values on each symbol….I touched the max bet,,,PLEASE,,,RETURN JUST THOSE CREDITS.

    Also, I noticed on a promo list you had…I filled out one, they were worth so many credits…I am in the market for a blanket insurance quote…,.filled it all out…,got the conformation code….filled it in…GOT NO CREDITS,,,,BUT A HELL OF A LOT OF EMAIL AND PHONE CALLS…PLEASE,I want the insurance info..I also want the credits…You folks have been super fair in the past to loyal players…PLEASE RESPOND.

    Jack Peek

  5. La Torera Roja pays well enough and hits often. The graphics are a bit disappointing compared to the other slots. I am not a fan of bull fighting though, and won’t be playing it again.
    My biggest win was about 4,000 points–not much when the game is 1200 points per spin to play.

    Would love to see more animal games–horses, jungle, themes featuring different breeds…Great Danes, Dachshunds, etc. I think these would be a hit.

  6. Please bring back some regular games, instead of them being all High Limit. I for one love paying High 5, but cant play High Limit – I lose too many points.

  7. Sure would of been nice of you;s to whish Canada a Happy Birthday yesterday…

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