High 5 Fight Club

We often ask our players over on the High 5 Casino fan page to comment on different game vs. game matchups. Today I’ll be offering my thoughts on two showdowns between four different High 5 Casino slots; take the polls below and let us know what you think!

Rev It Up vs. The Big Chase

Who would win in a street race between the car from The Big Chase and those from Rev It Up?

The detective behind the wheel in the car from The Big Chase has definitely got some skills. He can swerve through city traffic at high speed, weaving between cars in a downpour as he pursues the criminals who have stolen an extremely valuable briefcase filled with jewels. But I don’t think that’s enough to take down any of the cars from Rev It Up. The drivers in this game are just as skilled, but their real advantage comes from the type of vehicles they’re using. I think it’d be a good race, but ultimately the cars from Rev It Up just have too much horsepower/torque/RPM/other term that may make it seem like I know the first thing about cars.

EDGE: Rev It Up

Jaguar Princess vs. Shadow of the Panther

Would you rather have the Jaguar Princess or the warrior from Shadow of the Panther protecting you in the forest?

I’m sure either one of these two classic High 5 Games characters would be able to protect me just fine in the forest. So this one ultimately comes down to who I’d rather spend time with. The warrior from Shadow of the Panther seems like a really serious dude. I’d probably crack a few jokes, he wouldn’t laugh, and then it would just be super awkward until I ventured off by myself. I’m sure the Jaguar Princess is serious when called for, but that gleam in her eye makes me think she’s down to party, too. I think Jaguar Princess would be more fun to hang out with, so I’d rather she protect me.

EDGE: Jaguar Princess

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5 thoughts on “High 5 Fight Club

  1. sharing credits between H5 and STS would be a real compliment to your usere, The games on STs are good but seem to use much high betting and losses ( which are to the casino’s benifits ) But we as daily, hourly in many cases such as mine could use a change in procedures, New games need to be unlocked more frequently than they are at present, and I feel many others are starting to become up set and bored with the higher limit games, The high linit on the best games on STS prevent many from getting to play and win order to actually enjoy and benifit from some of the best selection of games offered on STS site. Lets see your answer to this one. Show US theLoyal players some change to our benifit not just the casino’s, I would venture to say you would likely see a higher stronger player turn out and it would be a win, win position for the game. Other thing concerning me is playing STS only the games is sluggish and laggs much more than H5 ,most times don’t experince any the lagg as I do with STS suffling back and forth between H5 and STS I sometime don’t experince the lagg as I do. I play the Face book sites as well as the net sites

  2. it would be nice if you would set it so we can send coins, credits back and forth between our high 5 to STS. after all, they are our credits to play so just as real money we should be able to do like a cash out and send from one slot to another…

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